The Dancing Goat

“Located in Northbank on the east side of the Moonway just north of the Moonbridge, the Goat is renowned for racous revelry at all hours. It is the site of endless, enthusiastic, dancing and flirting, with a remarkable cellar boasting hundreds of vintages. It sometimes attracts the attention of pickpockets and other professionals.”

The Dancing Goat is our fearless band of adventurer’s favorite tavern. The food could be better, but the wine is excellent, and the crowds means our sometimes slightly dodgy heroes don’t attract much attention. The proprietor is a man known as Jasper.

Some regulars secretly call the place the “Syphilitic Gnome,” after one (or possibly more) of the establishment’s barmaids.

The popular band Sun and Moon is currently playing there on an extended engagement.

The Dancing Goat

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