Tropes Invoked

Aborted Declaration Of Love – Seledra was about to confess everything to Magnos, but then she walked in on what appeared to her as an intimate encounter between him and Eilatra. So she didn’t.

Abusive Parents – Magnos was thought to be the only member of the Order with a normal childhood, despite the whole Dead Mom thing, that is, until more details of his apprenticeship under Fenris the Fantastic came out. Well, at least Anaya’s wasn’t too bad, but it didn’t end well.

Action Dress Rip – Seledra at the Midsummer Festival.

Action Girl – Seledra and Ralenthra.

Actor Allusion – Magnos is modeled after actor Takeshi Kaneshiro, who played a pineapple-eating lovesick cop in Chungking Express. Magnos has a fondness for pineapples and often uses them in his pick-up lines.

Adopt the Dog – Rizzen saving the guard from certain death and helping to give both Khiiral and Seledra solid alibis when the Order escapes Silverymoon. Anaya deciding to join the Order in their quest to prevent Spellplague.

Adorkable – Khiiral Starfallen, Seledra’s half-brother is a potions nerd and very sweet-natured, nothing like his father.

Agent Peacock – Venye Talaviir. Lawd…

All Girls Want Bad Boys – The reason for the continued attraction of Ralenthra for Rizzen. Seledra’s attraction to Aelthas was made of this, though he made sure not to ever get caught in the act.

Altar The Speed – Methrammar attempts this with Seledra after she loses her memory, hoping to marry her before she has all her wits about her.

Always Chaotic Evil – Subverted: Ralenthra is Chaotic Good, Anaya is Chaotic Neutral. Merill was (is?) Good aligned despite his lycanthropy. Played straight (except when it’s not) with Rizzen (at least until they make their escape from Silverymoon and starts to show kindness and mercy towards others thanks to Seledra’s influence on him.

Amazon Chaser – Magnos, the first time (technically the second time, but that’s neither here nor there) he meets Seledra, he practically drools over her strength and agility.

An Axe To Grind – Kronk. Also, Punch Rockgroin and his friend Willi. The Black Whirlwind, bodyguard to Sky, wields twin axes.

And Zoidberg – Rizzen, at least until Seledra convinces him otherwise.

Angry Dance – Seledra, after the Barmaid Incident in Brindenford. It was somewhat akin to watching a lap dance of fury.

Arranged Marriage – Respen and Evindra Nailo. What Seledra and Methrammar almost became, in essence.

Attractive Bent Gender – Magnos.

Awful Wedded Life – Respen and Evindra Nailo. Good lord.

Aw Look They Really Do Love Each Other – Magnos and Seledra, especially after the Heist.

Babies Ever After – Subverted HARD. In the Bad Future, Ralenthra is murdered after giving birth to her son, and Seledra’s daughter (by Magnos) is violently miscarried due to the Spellplague.

Bad Ass – Eaerlraun Shadowlyn, Venye Talaviir, Kūkaku Shihōin, Mao Sai Fung, and Aspa.

Badass Bookworm – Miri Talaviir, Isioleth Lorien, and Magnos. Seledra and Ralenthra read voraciously, but they tend to stick to erotica, martial arts serials and romance novels.

Badass Crew – Sun & Moon; The Order of the Dancing Goat.

Badass Gay – Venye Talaviir and his partner Falco Fadenheim.

Badass Normal – Katri, according to Magnos.

Bad Future – What they are ultimately trying to prevent, which is the Spellplague.

Bait The Dog – The Order of the Dancing Goat had a violent run-in with Rizzen, who has a Past with Ralenthra. He eventually joins their team, but it is revealed that in the Bad Future, he murders Tordrin and Ralenthra, taking their child to raise as his own.

Barbarian Hero – Kronk, of course.

Bawdy Song – A particular specialty of Fodoric the gnomish bard. Gabriel Quinlaren’s lyrics weren’t bawdy, just terrible, and most people preferred his instrumental pieces. Most of Serd’s repertoire was made of this.

Beast And Beauty – Kronk and Thralia. Kronk and Talindra. Notice a pattern?

Became Their Own Antithesis – Seledra in the Bad Future. Good Lord.

Being Tortured Makes You Evil – Rizzen. OR DOES IT.

Belligerent Sexual Tension – Magnos and Seledra. Ralenthra and Rizzen, though moreso in the past.

Berzerk Button – If you like your head still attached to your body, you probably shouldn’t threaten Katri or Maerwyn within Kronk’s earshot. Seledra will cut a bitch if they hurt Ralenthra or Magnos (and perhaps Rizzen, but this remains to be seen). Don’t threaten Seledra and let Ralenthra hear of it.

The Berserker – Kronk, and Rizzen, it could be argued. Punch and Willi.

Betty and Veronica – Tordrin and Rizzen. Subverted: Methrammar (blonde, rich and jealous) and Magnos (dark-haired, low-class, jerk with a heart of gold).

Beware The Nice Ones – Don’t hurt Ralenthra, threaten to hurt Ralenthra, or even think about living up to your fate to kill Ralenthra, steal her child and raise him as your own because Seledra will make you hurt bad before she kills you.

Big Bad – In Brindenford, it was The Blessed. In Stumpwood, it was Rizzen. In the Anauroch, it was the Shades. In the newest arc, it is Shar, the Mistress of the Night. Lady of Loss. Goddess of Darkness. One of the oldest beings in existence. Yeah, Her.

Big Badass Wolf – Selune just keeps growing…

Big Bad Wannabe – Cyric. Bitch, please. You were never even a player. Gilles Brightblade.

Big Damn Heroes – Isioleth and Isendur rescuing the Order from prison in the Shadow Plane. The Order defeating a SHADE GIANT ON FIRE, resetting Silverymoon’s wards, putting out fires, rescuing people from burning buildings and talking down a grief-maddened Jaden, right after pulling off a spectacular heist.

Big Eater – Magnos. He’ll have two of everything. Of course, he is a nineteen year-old boy. Also, it makes perfect sense, if he’s using his energy (mana) to cast magic.

Big Fancy House – Nailo Manor.

Big Good – The Unknown God, Selune, Sune, Eilistraee, and Mielikki.

The Big Guy – Kronk.

Bishoujo – Lady Alustriel, Susan Drake, Xara Tantlor, Talindra, Isioleth, Thralia, Anaya, Seledra and Ralenthra. It’s a veritable Pink Bishoujo Ghetto up in here.

Bishonen – Magnos of Rel Astra, Venye Talaviir, Jaden Darkmoon and Merill Stonefallen.

Bi The Way – Ralenthra, Seledra and Thralia have all had sexual relations with both sexes. Two of them with each other. It’s not who you’d think, though. And Seledra is probably closer to If Its You Its Okay, since her same-sex experience is limited to “college”. Anaya might also be this, but her relationship with Merill went unconsummated.

Blithe Spirit – Seledra at her best is this. She believes she can help anyone overcome any adversity through the sheer force of her will and a positive outlook.

Blood From The Mouth – This happened to Seledra after being hit in the mouth by Captain Tagen during his interrogation of her.

Blood Knight – The Black Whirlwind lives for battle. Also Kronk and Rizzen.

Boisterous Bruiser – Kronk, Punch, Willi and The Black Whirlwind.

Boobs Of Steel – Seledra.

Bottle Fairy – Seledra can be this.

Break The Cutie – Gnaz is a textbook example. Dear. God. Poor Gnaz. What Seledra goes through in the Bad Future.

Break The Haughty – Left by his fiancee and robbed blind, Methrammar has to face his guests (and his mother) after the escape of Our Heroes. Subverted in that it didn’t last, and his pride almost kept them from continuing their mission.

Break Up Make Up Scenario – With Magnos and Seledra, this is inevitable.

Brilliant But Lazy – Magnos of Rel Astra. After getting accepted to the Conclave as a prodigy, he squandered his innate talent. Becoming an adventurer really forced him to grow as a wizard. Ralenthra certainly qualifies, as she has enormous amounts of innate talent, but fritters it away on petty crime. She gets better after Thralia gives her the But You Could Be So Much More speech.

Broken Bird – Ralenthra. Later, Seledra, after she gets her memory back.

Brown Eyes – Magnos has them.

Bruiser With a Soft Center – Kronk.

Bully Hunter – Seledra. The last bully she took down lost an arm.

But Now I Must Go – Evindra leaves Seledra, believing her work as a mother is complete.

Can Not Spit It Out – Seledra and Magnos. However, in Seledra’s case, it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

Can’t Argue With Elves – Averted. Neither Seledra nor Ralenthra are too haughty about their elvishness, and Magnos isn’t afraid to bicker with either of them.

The Caper – The Heist/Rescue of Seledra at Silverymoon Palace.

Casanova – Magnos. Apparently only Ralenthra is immune to his powers of seduction (although she does, thanks to Darkvision, see the attraction), but this exception oddly does not make it True Love between them.

Caught With Your Pants Down – Magnos, after being abandoned by Seledra at the Dancing Goat, is walked-in-on by Jasper while still dressing himself.

The Chains of Commanding – Seledra, after returning to the party.

Chaotic Good – The Order of the Dancing Goat’s party alignment as a whole. Ralentha, Kronk and Magnos are all arguably at this point Chaotic Good.

Chaotic Neutral – Anaya. Ralenthra and Kronk start out as this.

Chekhov’s Gun – Seledra’s Forgetfulness Potion. Magnos’ amulet. Rizzen’s dagger.

Chekhov’s Skill – Magnos is a cunning linguist. He speaks more than TEN languages. Fluently. Anaya’s Bluff skill. Seledra’s religious studies.

The Chessmaster – Eaerlraun, The Unknown God, arguably.

Child Mage – Maerwyn. Chosen of Chauntea. Can make a lush garden grow in the middle of the desert, and that’s probably just scraping the surface of her potential power. She’s also eight.

Chivalrous Pervert – Magnos veers between this and Handsome Lech.

Cleopatra Nose – Magnos has one. Seledra often remarks that he would be “too beautiful” due to his otherwise delicate features without it. It gives definition and character to his face, and for the most part, the ladies aren’t complaining.

Colour Coded For Your Convenience – Tordrin and Rizzen. Methrammar and Magnos.

Comically Missing The Point – Seledra is either unwilling or unable to pick up on the most obvious clues that Magnos cares about her.

Combat Medic – Seledra is a cross between this and a Red Mage.

Control Freak – Methrammar. Oh, boy. Also, Respen.

Cool Old Lady – Seledra’s Aunt Ariel Lorien, and her mentor, Ladyservant Tathshandra Tyrar. If anyone wonders why Seledra turned out as well as she did with the parents she had, look no further than these formidable women.

Covered With Scars – Ralenthra. Probably Kronk as well. Seledra is starting to amass an impressive collection. Due to the torture he endured, Rizzen likely has quite a lot.

Crazy Awesome – Rizzen, Punch and Willi.

Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming – Ralenthra and Tordrin’s first kiss. Seledra and Magnos’ kiss under the Mistletoe. Isioleth and Isendur come to the rescue in the Shadow Plane. Maerwyn heals the land of the Ao Settlement. The Group Hug after Seledra talks down Jaden. Seledra embracing Rizzen and telling him how proud she is of him and that she will continue to trust him no matter what the Vision says. Magnos giving Seledra his share of the Heist take. Rizzen saving the guard from certain death. The Order going after Seledra to rescue her. Ralenthra forgiving Tordrin for giving her personal information to Nim Tagen.

Cry Cute – Our resident tsunderes just need a hug and to be told they are loved. This probably happens more than either of them are likely to admit.

Cry Into Chest – Ralenthra does this to Seledra after she breaks up with Tordrin. Seledra does this to Khiiral after she and Magnos have a fight.

Cue the Sun – A hallmark of the religious services at Rhyster’s Matins.

Cultured Badass – Thralia Ma’freyja.

Curb Stomp Battle – The Red Dragon.

Curse – Evindra curses Aelthas to look about 50 years older than he actually is. The curse is finally lifted by Seledra after Aelthas discovers how to reverse it.

Cute Bruiser – Seledra is no taller than 5 feet but can wipe the floor with most men she meets.

Cute Monster Girl – Anaya is mostly sun elf with a little DEMON thrown into the mix. Usually she uses polymorph to get around the infinitely stronger demonic DNA that manifests in her unglammered appearance, except when she wants to scare the crap out of people.

Daddy’s Girl – Anaya.

Dance Of Romance – Things went from flirtatious to heated between Seledra and Magnos when, after an hour or so of tipsy banter, he asks her to dance.

Dances And Balls – Methrammar throws a costume ball to celebrate his impending wedding to Seledra, inviting many foreign dignitaries and other V.I.P.s. Naturally, the Order decides that this is the best night for the Heist and to snatch Seledra back.

Dark And Troubled Past – Ralenthra, and by extension, Rizzen. Anaya. Kronk. Magnos. Seledra. Basically, the whole party has had their share of trauma.

Dark Action Girl – Kūkaku Shihōin, Aspa Talaviir.

Dark Chick – Kūkaku Shihōin.

Dark Magical Girl – Anaya, sort of.

Dating What Daddy Hates – Seledra’s interest in human males is an example of this, though an unconscious one. She knew her father disliked humans, she just had no idea how much.

Death By Childbirth – Jeannie Starfallen, possibly Ralenthra.

Ditzy Genius – Magnos. He’s not incapable of love, he’s just terrible at expressing it. Also, his communication skills when not snarking or making witty banter are terrible.

Deep Cover Agent – Ralenthra becomes this for the Harpers back at her native Cormanthor in the Future That Must Not Come to Pass. It doesn’t end well.

Defrosting Ice Queen – Seledra and Tordrin sort of tag team Ralenthra into this. If things are ever going to work out between Seledra and Magnos, she will have to help him become a male example of this.

Destructo Nookie – Ralenthra and Rizzen. Seledra and Magnos to a lesser degree.

Deus Sex Machina – Seledra may have gotten her prophetic dreams from a certain divination student mage. After she sleeps with him a second time, she (so far, anyway) doesn’t dream of future events, but continues to have relevant visions of past events.

Disproportionate Retribution – Break her little girl’s heart and Evindra will break you.

Distracted By The Sexy – The wererats of Brindenford, thanks to Magnos’ live sex show.

Do Not Call Me Paul – Magnos changed his name from Morgan when he became the apprentice of a traveling wizard.

The Dragon – Subverted. Gilles Brightblade might think Kūkaku Shihōin is his Dragon, but he would be wrong. She is a Shar follower who works for Sarya Dlardrageth who is manipulating him for her own ends.

Dreadful Musician – Gabriel Quinlaren, Fodoric, Hannah Lou and Trevor Moss.

Dreaming of Things to Come – Seledra, until she takes the potion that causes her to temporarily lose her memory.

Dream Weaver – Seledra thinks her dreams come from Mielikki, but it is more likely that they come from The Unknown God.

Drowning My Sorrows – Magnos after he snapped at Susan, Ralenthra after thinking that Tordrin betrayed her, Kronk after rejecting Thralia, and Seledra whenever the pressure gets to be too much.

Dual Wielding" – Ralenthra wields a rapier and a short sword in melee combat. Later, she wields an ancient matched set of twin daggers. Sky and his wife Scholar Ling both wield twin sabers, that is, when she deigns to pick up a blade at all.

Dysfunctional Family – Ralenthra’s family, Seledra’s family and Kronk’s family for starters…

The End Of The World As We Know It – Spellplague.

Ensemble Darkhorse – Rizzen.

Erotic Eating – Seledra with the asparagus and that cherry tart. Magnos with the raw oysters.

Estrogen Brigade Bait – Rizzen, Tordrin, Magnos and Merill in their own ways.

Everybody Has Lots of Sex – They really do.

Every Girl Is Cuter With Hair Decs – Along with an elaborate bejeweled hairstyle, Seledra wears an intricate tiara with her Faerie Queen costume. Seeing her look like that took Magnos’ breath away.

Everyone Can See It – Ralenthra and Tordrin; Jaden and Ariadne; Magnos and Seledra, as observed by almost every character since the two first met (for the second time) in prison.

Evil Gloating – Gilles Brightblade. Oh my God, SHUT UP.

Evil Is Sexy – Even after Ralenthra is resolved to break off the carnal benefits of her relationship with Rizzen, she’s still sorely tempted to give him another tumble.

Eyepatch of Power – Eaerlraun Shadowlyn.

Familiar – Selune, Hedwig, Shade and Scamp!

Fantastic Racism – There’s the typical bullshit Kronk, Ralenthra, and Rizzen go through as members of races deemed by the greater population as Always Chaotic Evil and then there are organized groups like the Eldreth Veluuthra, an elvish organization dedicated to wiping out humans and half-elves (members include Seledra’s father and Thralia’s cousin Taeghen). Lovely.

Fatal Flaw – For Seledra it’s her Chronic Hero Syndrome, combined with a dysfunctional level of perfectionism and her desire to not bother people with her problems because she just doesn’t see them as being important enough.
Ralenthra’s is her extreme difficulty in trusting and relying on others, especially after spending the last thirty years of her life forced to fend for herself when she was basically just an adolescent.
Magnos’ flaws are Lust, Greed, and Sloth.
Anaya’s is Wrath, which she shares with Kronk and Rizzen, who also owns Ambition and Lust.

Fertile Feet – Played straight with Maerwyn.

Festival Episode – Midsummer, 1372 for starters. Midwinter, 1373.

Fiery Redhead – Seledra, like her mother before her.

Fluffy Fashion Feathers – The Peacock Dress.

Forgiveness – Seledra to Ralenthra for the latter getting arrested, Seledra to Kronk after he almost (accidentally) killed her, and Seledra to Rizzen for…well, being Rizzen.

Friend on the Force – Jonah Goodman and Khiiral Starfallen.

Friend To All Living Things – Played straight with Seledra and Merill, subverted with Rizzen, a ranger without an animal companion.

Funbag Airbag – Poor Seledra. Her bust seems to be one of Scamp’s favorite hiding places.

Functional Magic – Magnos, as a Wizard, uses Rule Magic. Anaya, as a sorcerer, uses magic as an Inherent Gift and Seledra, as a druid, uses Theurgy.

Fundamentally Funny Fruit – Magnos has a thing for pineapples.

Funny Animal – Scamp, Jonah’s silver ferret familiar.

The Gadfly – Both Magnos and Ralenthra are prone to this.

Genius Ditz – Seledra. Just…Seledra.

Genki Girl – Miri Talaviir, except for when she goes into battle.

Gentle Giant – Kronk, natch.

Get Out of Jail Free Card – Methrammar offered one to Seledra after she was arrested at the Midsummer Festival, but she refused to leave Ralenthra. The Order gets their criminal records sealed after they perform their first service for the city at a monastery devoted to Berronar Truesilver.

Glass Cannon – Magnos, Ralenthra and Rizzen. Rizzen insists on charging into the fray. Magnos and Ralenthra are smart enough not to, most of the time. Rizzen gets better after he gets his spiked chain, but that’s mainly because he kills his enemies before they can get a scratch on him.

Gods Need Prayer Badly – The reality in Faerun ever since the Avatar Crisis. Subverted with The Unknown God who actively avoids worship by not revealing whose portfolio he’s taken over.

Going Commando – The drow fashion. Their clothes are so tight, well, there’s just no room for underwear! Also, Ralenthra convinces Seledra to try this on their first adventure. Hilarity ensues.

Good Bad Girl – Seledra could be described as this until she got monogamous. Sort of.

The Good Chancellor – Scholar Ling to the Empress Sun Lian.

Good Is Not Nice – This applies to Anaya even though she’s Chaotic Neutral. It’s not entirely her fault given her upbringing and the fact that if she went around in her true form, she’d be killed on sight.

Good Running Evil – Sky, husband of the Chief Advisor to the Empress, is also head of The Guild, a semi-criminal organization. At least he’s stamped out slavery in his territory.

Goo Goo Godlike – Maerwyn, eight-year-old Chosen of Chauntea.

Gorgeous Period Dress – Dress code for the Costume Ball. Also, Seledra’s personal dress code when she’s off duty.

Green Eyed Epiphany – Subverted. Seledra won’t admit she’s jealous after watching Magnos with the barmaid, though her feelings are pretty obvious (she struck a TREE with LIGHTNING and whenever she thinks about it, her HAND lights on FIRE) to everyone else except perhaps Magnos. Likewise, Magnos’ jealousy of Methrammar does not appear obvious to either Magnos nor Seledra as being centered on his relationship with Seledra.

Green Eyed Monster – Seledra is very jealous of any woman Magnos flirts with. Magnos is jealous of Methrammar over his relationship with Seledra. Thralia takes an instant dislike to Talindra once it becomes obvious that there is something between her and Kronk.

Green Eyes – Green eyes are a very common color for moon elves and their descendants (Seledra inherited her father’s green eyes and Kronk got his green eyes from his half-elven mother).

Half-Human Hybrid – This is Toril, a world with lots of half-elves and a good amount of half-orcs.

Handsome Lech – Magnos veers between this and Chivalrous Pervert. Also, Rizzen.

Happily Married – Ariel and Celeborn Lorien, Pandora and Aarin Gend, Meree and Cosmo Rivenstone. Venye and Falco.

Healing Magic is the Hardest – It is in that mages just use a spell book, whereas say, Seledra has to be on good terms with her Goddess in order to heal others.

Heavy Sleeper – Kronk, full stop. Magnos becomes this in his life as an adventurer, leaving it to Seledra to “take out the trash” and wake him up. Completely averted with the elven girls, as they are naturally light sleepers (unless Seledra drinks) and Ralenthra is the lightest sleeper of all, understandably.

Hell Bent For Leather – Ralenthra and Rizzen. Also, Captain Tagen’s squeaky and swank uniform.

Henpecked Husband – Henpecked Hou, former Drunken Master and sidekick to Sky, he also supplies the Black Whirlwind with wine so he can fight Drunken Master style.

The Hero – Arguably, Seledra. But she’s also The Chick, because she’s The Heart.

Heroic BSOD – Seledra goes through this, which kicks off the Heist. She got better. Anaya does a miniaturized version of this when people she cares about die.

Heroic Comedic Sociopath – Oh, Rizzen…

Heroes Want Red Heads – Magnos. At least that’s the rumor.

He’s Back – Seledra, after the Heist.

Heterosexual Life Partners – Seledra and Ralenthra. Magnos and Jonah.

He Who Fights Monsters – Seledra, in the Future That Must Not Come to Pass.

Hitman With A Heart – Venye was pretty unscrupulous in his early days as an assassin (in his defense, most women in Skullport can take care of themselves) but he always drew the line at children. Possibly Ralenthra, since she spared one of her targets as Corael in the Underdark, which meant she had to go on the run back to the surface.

Holding Hands – Magnos and Seledra at Midwinter. In the Bad Future, Seledra holds Rizzen’s hand as the house they’re in burns down around them.

Hope Is Scary – Ralenthra, especially after she first meets Tordrin. Seledra after getting her memory back, is inspired by Ralenthra’s example and resolves to love Magnos quietly, hoping he will come around eventually even though it terrifies her.

The Horde – The Kingdom of Many-Arrows, as well as the break-away forces being led by Kronk’s younger brother, Ugurth.

Hot Blooded – Rizzen. Anaya when she loses control. Also Seledra, when she really gets going.

Hot Chick With A Sword – Seledra, as per Magnos’ observation. Mao Sai Fung.

Hot Consort – Seledra to Methrammar, in the Future That Must Not Come to Pass.

Hot Librarian – This is Miri Talaviir’s specialty.

The Hunter – Rizzen. Also, what Seledra is fated to become if the future remains unaltered. Anaya, despite the fact that she’s a sorceress, definitely qualifies.

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted – Rizzen better watch himself.

Ice Queen – Anaya, at least on first impression. Seledra, after getting her memory back, becomes this as a coping mechanism.

I Got Better – Magnos had his memory altered and was later infected by a zombie. Seledra completely windwiped herself. They both got better. Averted: Marina, the wererat that Ralenthra sends to a temple to be cured of her lycanthropy, does not get cured, but is teleported to Selunaara, where she can learn to live with her condition without turning evil.

I Have Boobs, You Must Obey – Anaya’s usual tactic for getting men to do what she wants.

I Love You Because I Can’t Control You – Methrammar’s feelings for Seledra can be summed up as this. She’s the first woman he’s been involved with that wasn’t after his money or looking to elevate themselves in society, hence she feels no need whatsoever to conform to his expectations. When she loses her memory, however, all bets are off.

Important Haircut – Ralenthra, after she was unable to convince Methrammar to release Seledra into the Order’s custody, pulls out a knife and gives herself one of these. Seledra, after Aelthas breaks up with her, then when she gets her memory back and realizes the pain she’d caused her friends in her absence.

I Need A Freaking Drink – Ralenthra drinks moderately. Except for when she thinks Tordrin has quickly moved on to another woman. Also, Seledra’s method of choice for dealing with stress while monogamous with Methrammar, her way of dealing with guilt over drugging Magnos, and her way of dealing with her jealousy when Magnos beds other women. Kronk drinks after his rejection of Thralia. Magnos drinks after he was a jerk to Susan and, on at least one occasion, after fighting with Seledra. It is believed that he got very drunk when news of Amnesiac!Seledra’s engagement to Methrammar was announced, but this has not yet been confirmed (or denied).

Inelegant Blubbering – After a particularly painful confrontation with Magnos, Seledra dissolves into this when she tries to tell her brother about it.

I Never Told You My Name – Happens to Magnos and Seledra in the Silverymoon Palace dungeon. After getting thrown in the prison wagon, Magnos attempts but never actually succeeds in telling Seledra his name. When she says his name later as she’s healing him in his cell, he makes the astute observation that he had never actually told her his name. She quickly improvises that she heard them say his name down the hall and she just guessed it was his. It could have been true, but it wasn’t.

Innocent Fanservice Girl – Despite her Good Bad Girl status, Seledra’s shadow show for Magnos was unintentional.

Interspecies Romance – Pandora (elf) and Aarin (human), Seledra (elf) and Magnos (human), Kronk (half-orc with elven heritage) and Thralia (elf), Kronk and Talindra (half-elf), Seledra and Methrammar (half-elf with divine heritage), Venye (half drow, half moon elf) and Falco (gold dwarf), Jaden (half-elf) and Ariadne (air genasi), Isendur (elf) and Haniah (half-elf), Anaya (fey’ri) and Kessa (elf), Anaya and Merill (werewolf), Seledra and Aelthas (human with elven heritage), Isioleth (elf) and Valen (tiefling). One could almost argue that intra-species romance is more the exception than the rule.

Intimate Healing – You could probably call the healing that Seledra gives to Magnos in the Silverymoon Palace dungeon of an intimate nature, given the tension and the skin-to-skin contact.

In Vino Veritas – When Magnos gets drunk after a fight with Seledra, he pours out his heart about her to Jasper. Seledra is actually _in _the room at the time, but she thinks he’s talking about Susan.

Iron Lady – Scholar Ling and the new Empress of Shou Lung, Sun Lian.

Iron Woobie – Seledra was brought up in an abusive environment by an unhinged, violent-tempered mother and a cold, unloving father for whom nothing was ever good enough, she was teased for a mixed heritage that was visually apparent to other elves but never explained to her, she was pushed by her parents into a career she wasn’t cut out for at all, expelled, thrown under the bus by her first love, suffered her first Heroic BSOD at that point, takes responsibility for the moral guidance of a drow thief, finally meets a guy (Magnos) she likes but is so frightened of how her father will potentially react to him that she mindwipes him for his own protection, suffers an enormous amount of guilt for mindwiping Magnos, was forced by Fate into becoming an adventurer in the first place, the guy she mindwiped ends up in her adventuring party, she falls into an affair with a powerful man who doesn’t really know how relationships work, takes moral responsibility for a possessed wild elf, she has a disastrous affair, her father tries to kill her, has to deal with the ensuing guilt when her mother strikes her father down to save her, half the civilians of a host village die and a Chosen of Chauntea is kidnapped during a battle where she was tactically in charge, she has her heart broken (again), is abandoned by her mother, her father dies after she tries for hours to save him, and she loses her inheritance to a half-brother she knew nothing about. After she tries to end her suffering by taking the mind-wiping potion, her friends bring her back to help them save the world. All the memories rush back and she is in the same place she was when she tried to end it, only she CAN’T take a break because Faerun can’t wait. On top of that, she feels guilty for abandoning her friends and feels like she failed as a leader because of that abandonment.

Ralenthra was brought into this world by a mother who wanted to murder her at birth because she was sickly and weak. She was then abandoned by her mother and raised by an evil father whose “affection” towards her was directly proportionate to how useful she was to her clan. She’s a drow, which means most good-aligned people immediately distrust her and sometimes want to kill her on sight. She’s a surface drow from Cormanthor, so she doesn’t even get the societal advantage of being female, is converted to a religion that is, while good for her, also dangerous, and is the only survivor or a massacre of her fellow worshipers (including her beloved aunt) led by her own father. Fleeing for her life, she had to abandon her lover (Rizzen, such as he was) to brutal torture, she moves to Menzoberranzan, and because she has no social status to speak of is forced into prostitution so she won’t starve, she creates a new identity, becomes a mercenary, and just as she starts getting successful she has to flee again because she refuses to assassinate a target who happens to be her (new) lover and a fellow follower of Eilistraee. This causes the House who hired her to lose favor with Lolth, and so she has her own Clan and now this House sending people out to find and kill her. She is constantly making new identities for herself and is on the run nonstop until she meets Seledra, and for some reason is able to trust her, and is offered sanctuary in Silverymoon by her. But it’s not over. She finally meets a nice guy (Tordrin) who is also a Harper Agent obsessed with her disappearance from the aforementioned massacre in Cormanthor, he is forced to betray her to the Silverymoon goverment as part of a ploy from his own boss (Eaerlraun) to recruit more Harpers, her heart is broken, gets better, but she has to start a new life as an adventurer, constantly watching her back for anyone she may have previously pissed off, ran into Rizzen, who was now trying to kill her, then some time after defeating him he becomes part of their party, she has an affair with him and is confused as to what she should do because she still loves Tordrin, and isn’t able to talk to her best friend Seledra about it because Seledra is headed towards her second nervous breakdown after which she disappears, she is confronted by a GOD who tells her that her party is needed to save the world from Shar, that without Seledra BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN like Rizzen murdering her and taking her son to raise as his own and everyone else ALSO DIES. When she finally tracks down Seledra she finds that not only has she lost her memory but that her fiance Methrammar won’t let her go. Ralenthra cuts her hair in grief, has to take the leadership role and rescue her friend, and then when she gets her back she proceeds to have the entire world (that for the most part HATES her) on her shoulders.

Kronk was the product of his orc chieftain father’s rape of a captive half-elf adventurer who was murdered after his birth. After his father’s favored wife finally gives him a full-blooded orc son, he gets passed over and abandoned to a nanny. The nanny is the only person who was kind to him and his younger brother murders her when he comes of age. Because he’s a half-orc he is suspect everywhere he goes, his old clan is on the lookout for him, his brother is stirring up trouble for a peace agreement between Luruar and the Kingdom of Many-Arrows. Even though when he is out of battle he is a kind and gentle giant, his self-esteem is so low that he’s blind to when women throw themselves at him

Rizzen’s Clan was hostilely subsumed by Clan Auskovyn and he was made a slave when still a child. His tenacity helped him to rise up the ranks as a respected hunter until the girl he grew up practically worshiping (and who had taken him as a sometime lover) left the clan under…unfortunate circumstances. He was guilty by association and beaten nearly to death before being charged to hunt down the only person he ever loved and to bring her back to the Clan where Gods know what will become of her. Her spends YEARS searching for her, losing his entire crew in the process, ends up having to team up with her and her friends in the Anauroch Desert and getting permanently recruited to her team by her eager and annoyingly perky best friend. Then Ralenthra sleeps with him again and he thinks its love, though she’s in love with someone else, so that won’t end well.

It Doesn’t Mean Anything – Seledra, every time there is anything affectionate between her and Magnos. She is convinced that there is nothing emotional between them, until a kiss under the mistletoe at Midwinter convinced her that she really was in love with him after all.

It Meant Something To Me – Rizzen towards Ralenthra; Seledra towards Magnos; Jaden towards Ariadne.

It’s All About Me – Methrammar, having been brought up in the lap of luxury and privilege can be like this at his worst in his relationship with Seledra.

It’s All My Fault – How Seledra felt about Maerwyn’s kidnapping, then later about Magnos’ burned hands. Results in You Did Everything You Could in regards to Maerwyn (plus they ended up saving her anyway). Magnos himself tells her that not only are his burns NOT her fault, but that ordering him to the fire was just her doing what she had to do.

I Was Quite a Looker – Aelthas Vihuel. He’d still be one if he hadn’t thrown Seledra under the bus, making Evindra go all Mama Bear on him. Twenty years later, Seledra has forgiven him and is helping him look for a cure to Evindra’s curse…after he is cured, he’s middle-aged, but quite handsome.

Jade Colored Glasses – Ralenthra.

Jerkass Woobie – Rizzen. His entire family is killed by Clan Auskovyn and he becomes one of their slaves. He falls in love with the only person who was marginally kind to him (Ralenthra) and then he is abandoned by her. Then he’s nearly tortured to death before being sent out to bring her back (probably to be tortured and killed). After finally hunting her down and joining her and her friends in what was originally an alliance of convenience, they have a fling and she rejects him again. He’s still a Jerkass, though.

Jerk With a Heart Of Gold – Magnos, although it may be more like a Jerkass Facade.

Keet – Gnaz. Good lord. Mal Youngerstar.

Killed Off For Real – Respen Nailo, Devin Groucher, Taeghen Sin’dorei, Miri Talaviir.

Kill Me Now or Forever Stay Your Hand – Seledra to Rizzen.

Knight Templar Parent – Evindra, and how! Only she gets to hurt Seledra.

Kung Fu Wizard – Scholar Ling.

Lady in Red – Both Seledra and Ralenthra were given red silk robes after their performance at the Grand Revel. These certainly had their effect on Magnos and Rizzen.

Lady of Black Magic – Evindra. Xara Tantlor.

Lady of War – Ralenthra Ilphukiir, Seledra Nailo, Thralia Ma’freyja, Miri Talaviir and Mao Sai Fung.

The Lancer – Arguably Ralenthra.

Large Ham – Magnos and Rizzen. Punch and Willi.

Laser Guided Amnesia – When Seledra administers the Potion of Forgetfulness to Magnos, he only loses the last six hours or so. When Seledra takes almost the entire bottle, she loses almost everything. Almost. She can still understand languages she’s learned and certain skills requiring muscle memory that she’d picked up over the years, but most of it is gone. In neither case was this permanent.

Last of His Kind – Scholar Ling is the last of the Spirit Monks. Star Elves are extremely rare outside of Sildeyuir, but Evindra is one and Seledra is half.

Leeroy Jenkins – Kronk and Rizzen.

Likes Older Women – Magnos, although this is not the case when it comes to his teachers. That and he’ll take women his own age too. He’s not too picky.

Lipstick Lesbian – Anaya, though her status as preferring only women may be in flux.

Little Big Man – Apparently, Magnos cast the Enlarge Person spell on Jonah once, but forgot to account for his clothes in the spell. Hilarity Ensued.

Look What I Can Do Now – Ralenthra with her two-weapon fighting, Rizzen with his Spiked Chain of Doom and Magnos with Still Spell.

Loners Are Freaks – Seledra’s efforts to befriend Anaya may be as a result of this belief, among other things.

Lost Wedding Ring – Seledra takes off the emerald necklace that Methrammar gave her when she offers it in sacrifice to Henali Celanil, the elven goddess of love, as she pleads for the goddess to take away her love for Magnos.

Loveable Rogue – Ralenthra is literally this. Magnos is more figuratively this. Serd is somewhere in between, at least to Kronk. Sky is definitely this.

Loveable Sex Maniac – Magnos, though his female teammates may argue against the “lovable” part.

Love At First Sight – Seledra for Magnos. Unfortunately, she panicked and drugged him so he’d forget having met her. Hilarity ensues when Fate throws them together again. It may have worked both ways, but since Magnos is a nineteen year old horndog, it’s hard to tell where lust starts and love begins.

Love Dodecahedron – All right folks, take out your scorecards.

We have Ralenthra, who is in love with Tordrin and in lust with Rizzen. Both are in love with Ralenthra.

Seledra is in love with Magnos, but in a relationship with Methrammar, and having an affair with Minfidel. Magnos is at least in lust with Seledra, but also is infatuated with Susan Drake, and like Seledra, Really Gets Around. Methrammar at least believes himself to be in love with Seledra. Minfidel, well…

Moving on, Anaya is still carrying a torch for her dead lover Kessa, but sparks flew between her and the werewolf Merril Thornweaver and then later with the mysterious Saari Brightmoon. Her swinging halfling landlords the Shadesteppers have both admitted an attraction to her.

Kronk has a complicated relationship with Thralia, who is the object of her cousin Taeghen’s obsession, and with the Sunite cleric Talindra as well.

Complicated love relationships seem to be rule, as opposed to the exception here.

Love Hurts – Ralenthra and Rizzen were the closest thing surface drow society has to childhood sweethearts. She moved on emotionally, but he hasn’t. Ralenthra and Tordrin have a whirlwind romance, but Ral gets her heart broken when she thinks Tordrin betrayed her the night of the Midsummer Festival. They do get back together though. Seledra and Aelthas were in love, but it wasn’t enough to stop him from betraying her in the name of his own ambition. This led to her having trust issues that contributed to her drugging Magnos after their first night together because she was so afraid of her feelings for him (and also what her parents would do to him if they found out). Before Fate throws her back into his path, she gets into a committed relationship with Methrammar and later has an affair with Minfidel. Then she falls in love with Magnos even harder, and when she thinks she’s caught him about to begin a tryst with her rival Eilatra, she snaps. This leads to Methrammar’s heart getting broken when he finds Seledra has been unfaithful to him. Kronk and Thralia are in love, but his cripplingly low self-esteem causes him to reject her. After having a fling with the beautiful Sunite priestess Talindra, and forming a paternal bond with her young charge Maerwyn, Kronk must confront his issues with Thralia, since he must return to Silverymoon because of Seledra’s previously mentioned issues. Anaya gets involved with the Order in order to further her Roaring Rampage of Revenge after the murder of her mentor/lover Kessa and finds herself in an even darker place when her feelings are briefly stirred by a lycanthrope who seems to have died on her. Aribeth de Tylmarande nearly helped bring about the end of the world because of her grief over her lost love.

Lovely Angels – Seledra and Ralenthra.

Love Makes You Crazy – Aribeth, full stop. Seledra’s heartbreak wasn’t the only factor in her Heroic BSOD, but it got the snowball rolling down the hill.

Love Makes You Evil – In the Future That Must Not Come to Pass, this is what happens to Rizzen. Ultimately, his men murder Tordrin, he murders Ralenthra after she gives birth and he raises her son as his own.

Love Martyr – Possibly Tordrin.

The Magocracy – Silverymoon is run like this.

Magnificent Bastard – Eaerlraun Shadowlyn, possibly.

Mama Bear – Evindra Starwind, full stop. Nobody hurts her little girl but her.

Manic Pixie Dream Girl – Methrammar sees Seledra as this and Seledra may see herself as this for Methrammar (she also has a touch of this in her relationship with Ralenthra). After she loses her memory and he finds out she’s been unfaithful to him, he tries to squelch any of her impulses to be this.

Man I Feel Like A Woman – Magnos, when he first polymorphs into a carbon copy of Ralenthra. Later, Terro Antkiller tries this out in the (non) privacy of his room at the Nailo-Starfallen Estate.

Martial Pacifist – Scholar Ling, especially after she becomes Wu Jen to the Empress.

The Masochism Tango – Ralenthra and Rizzen, Respen and Evindra.

Mass Oh Crap – When the entire party (except for Seledra and Rizzen – they come later) are given a vision of the dystopian future by the Unknown God. Ralenthra holds it together the best, but she is still deeply shaken by the experience.

Master of The Mixed Message – Oh, Magnos! Oh, Seledra! He sleeps around. She has “someone special back home”. But they bicker, and flirt, and argue, and eventually have mad, passionate sex without either one telling the other how they feel. Ralenthra has this issue as well, despite her best intentions. Quoth Magnos: “You’re in love with one, in lust with the other, but both think it’s love, so that’s not going to end well.”

Maternally Challenged – Ralenthra’s mother. To a lesser degree, Seledra’s mother.

Meaningful Rename – Magnos of Rel Astra is not his birth name, surprisingly, being the son of a Shou immigrant woodcutter in the rustic town of Quervarr. Rel Astra denotes the Astral Realm, or Plane. Magnos is more flashy than Morgan. He changed it after becoming apprentice to Fenris the Fantastic, a traveling wizard.

Meddling Parents – Respen Nailo and Evindra Starwind.

Missing Mom – Ralenthra (her mother returned to the Underdark), Magnos (his mother died), Anaya(slaughtered by evil Fey’ri), and Kronk (his mother was raped, forced to give birth to him, then killed. So…Yeah) Seledra’s mother didn’t leave for Sildeyuir until she was full grown.

Momma’s Boy – Methrammar. Magnos has made this observation more than once, much to Seledra’s chagrin. But his mother is Lady Alustriel, so if you’re gonna be a Momma’s boy, you might as well make it count.

Most Common Superpower – Anaya and Seledra. Ralenthra is no slouch in this department either.

Mouthy Kid – Garen. Full stop.

Ms Fanservice – Pretty much every adult female adventurer-class character in the campaign.

Must Make Amends – Seledra to Ralenthra after she falls through on her promise to spend Midwinter dinner with her. Seledra and Magnos to each other while they are under house arrest.

My Beloved Smother – Evindra Starwind.

My God What Have I Done – Seledra, after getting her memory back, first seeing how she’d devastated her best friend and then watching the results of her actions lead directly to badly injuring Magnos and landing them all under house arrest.

My Parents Are Dead – Anaya, probably Rizzen.

Nakama – The Order of the Dancing Goat.

The Napoleon – Rizzen.

Nature Spirit – Seledra has to serve a dryad from sunrise to sunset for one day each month. Elven druids have the option of becoming dryads if the proper ritual is performed around the time of impending death. The half-orc druid Riol Delxsen has a particular fondness for dryads, or, they certainly do for him. Nature spirits in general are all over the place.

Neutral Good – Seledra.

Nerves of Steel – Ralenthra demanding answers from the Unknown God. Seledra talking down a grief-maddened Jaden with her home city on fire all around her and Magnos unconscious and badly hurt. Magnos willing a fireball out of his badly burnt hands during the Shades’ attack on Silverymoon.

The Night That Never Ends – Shar’s ultimate goal.

Noble Demon – Anaya, being a fey’ri, is part demon. But she will give evil fey’ri and other infernal creatures no quarter.

Not a Date – During their first adventure, Magnos invites Seledra out to the Dancing Goat for when they return home. Not only does Seledra insist to Ralenthra that this is not a date, but she insists on dragging along the entire party for the ride. Hilarity ensues. Also, the series of “Hates” that Seledra and Magnos embark on as they become friends. Not dates. Totally not dates.

Not A Morning Person – Magnos. Merill during That Time of The Month. You would think this would be the case with Ralenthra, given her nocturnal activities, but when you can just trance for four hours…

Not Staying For Breakfast – On her first encounter with Magnos, Seledra drugs and abandons him. On their second encounter, they are too busy getting suited up for battle to bother with breakfast. On their third encounter, Magnos wakes up first and goes downstairs for breakfast, only to be followed minutes later by Seledra. After the first encounter, Magnos deduces that he’d had sex and been abandoned; he remarks that ironically, this is usually what he does to his women.

Not What It Looks Like – Every time the prison carriage hit a bump or made an abrupt stop, it would knock Seledra off her feet and into Magnos’ lap. When the door was opened, they were discovered like this.

Oblivious To Love – Magnos. Seledra. With each other.

Offing the Offspring – Vilryn Ilphukiir’s plans for Ralenthra; Respen Nailo also attempted this with Seledra.

Omniglot – Magnos. Sooner or later, he’s going to run out of languages.

Operation Jealousy – One of the reasons why Seledra kept seeing Methrammar was because she knew Magnos couldn’t stand him.

Outdoor Bath Peeping – Both Seledra and Ralenthra got an eyeful of Magnos as he hurriedly bathed in a summer shower.

Overnight Age Up – Thanks to Evindra’s use of silver fire, this happened to Aelthas. He is a 40 year old man in a 90 year old body, or was, anyway.

Parental Neglect – When they weren’t trying to force Seledra to be something she wasn’t, her parents were this. Ralenthra’s father was this until she proved her value to the clan as a rogue.

Pay Evil Unto Evil – Venye’s rationale for becoming an assassin in Skullport. Aspa’s reason for coming after her father.

Peacock Girl – Seledra wore a dress of peacock feathers to the party she threw for Rinya.

Person of Mass Destruction – Rinya had a bound and dormant avatar of Shar residing in her. If allowed to manifest in Silverymoon, a city chock full of magical wards, she would destroy the city and leave nothing left but flitting shadows in her wake. Jaden. Jesus Christ, Jaden.

Pimped Out Dress – Ralenthra’s dress that she wore to the Midsummer Festival. Seledra’s dress for the costume ball is a gorgeous emerald green lace dress encrusted with jewels and adorned with crystalline faerie wings.

Pint Sized Powerhouse – Seledra at 5 feet tall is the second toughest member of the Order. The toughest is a 7ft tall half orc barbarian.

Plausible Deniability – Ralenthra and Seledra’s modus operandi.

Please Put Some Clothes On – Kronk’s unspoken reaction to seeing Thralia (a gorgeous sun elf) naked. Seledra’s unspoken reaction to Anaya strutting around nude after she shapeshifts.

Plucky Girl – Seledra is often this before her Heroic BSOD. Isioleth is ALWAYS this.

Poisonous Person – Alauneth Orrane. She’s not called The Black Viper for nothing.

Politeness Judo – Scholar Ling, Saari Brightmoon and Alustriel all seem to prefer this to more physical displays of power.

Power of Trust – What Seledra tries to invoke with Rizzen as she talks him into returning to the group, also what she will have instill in Magnos if things are ever going to work out between them.

Princely Young Man – Methrammar

Prison Episode – Oh wait, there are stories that involve them not going to jail?

Promotion To Parent – Talindra and Kronk have become parental figures to Maerwyn.

Proud Warrior Race Guy – Subverted by Kronk in that yes, he likes to fight, but it’s not really about honor and he’s more of a Gentle Giant. Sort of played straight with Rizzen, if you throw in a little Ax Crazy along with it.

Psychic Powers – Seledra discovers she has a combination of Precognition and Postcognition after she beds Magnos for the first time. This may be temporary, and it is unknown at this time whether she retains these abilities after she comes back from her Heroic BSOD-induced amnesia.

Purple Eyes – Isioleth has these, as does her twin brother Isendur.

Ragtag Bunch of Misfits – How the Order of the Dancing Goat started out.

Raised By Orcs – Kronk and Ugurth, duh.

Randomly Gifted – Only a handful of people in a generation have the ability to produce spellfire. Evindra is one of them.

Rapunzel Hair – Seledra’s hair, when loosened, goes all the way down to the small of her back. Until she cuts it.

Reality Ensues</> – When you cut off a guy’s arm, you’re probably going to spend the night in jail. Also, apparently Cure Wounds spells do not work on 2nd degree burns.

Really 700 Years Old – Due to the way that time functions in demiplane of Sildeyuir, the place of Evindra’s birth (1 Sildeyuir day = 2 days in Toril), Evindra is much older than she looks, at least by elven standards.

Really Gets Around – Lady Alustriel, Thralia, Ralenthra, Seledra and Magnos.

Rebellious Princess – Seledra, because Rebellious Noblewoman doesn’t sound as cool.

Red Headed Hero – Seledra Nailo.

Redhead In Green – Seledra, who has dark red hair, wears dark green ironwood armor.

Religion is Magic – Seledra’s druidry and Talindra’s cleric spells, just to name a few.

Rich Suitor Poor Suitor – Seledra must choose between wealthy High Marshall Methrammar or comparatively poor wizarding student and fellow adventurer Magnos.

Robe And Wizard Hat – Magnos is the owner of several flashy wizards robes, some bordering on the ostentatious. No hats.

Robot Buddy – Kang, Cosmo’s Gondsman.

Royals Who Actually Do Something – If you give Alustriel a reason to step down from her throne, you are going to regret it big time. Empress Sun Lian was a masked vigilante when she was a princess, and still dons her ninja robes now and again when asses need kicking.<

Running Gag – Pineapples, cream horns, Seledra’s blanket hog status, Seledra and Ralenthra’s penchant for porn…

Sanity Slippage – This happens to Seledra, and it began sooner than most people noticed, mainly due to the fact that she never talked about what was bothering her. Beginning with her father trying to kill her, spurred on by what she saw as her failure to keep Maerwyn safe from the Shades in the Anauroch, and pushed even harder by what she thought she witnessed between Magnos and Eilatra, going back home to Silverymoon made her ultimate breakdown inevitable.

Sarcastic Clapping – Magnos does this after seeing Methrammar visit Seledra in prison. Seledra does this to Magnos after he criticizes her tactics for diverting with guards without actually contributing anything himself.

Screaming Warrior – Kronk, Rizzen, Punch and Willi.

Screw The Rules I’m Doing What’s Right – The Order’s decision to rescue Seledra from Silverymoon Palace, as well as Khiiral’s, Jonah’s, and Sun and Moon’s decisions to help them do it., though it could be more of a case of Screw The Rules It’s The Apocalypse

Screw Yourself – Terro. Ew.

Sealed Evil In A Can – The Fey’ri trapped in the Nameless Dungeon.

Secret Relationship – Seledra and Minfidel.

Sexy Silhouette – Oh, Seledra.

Sharp Dressed Man – Magnos.

Shipper On Deck – Seledra ships Ralenthra/Tordrin and to a lesser extent, Kronk/Thralia.

Shirtless Scene – Rizzen gets one of these at the Moon Grove Inn that sorely tempts Ralenthra to give him another tumble. Magnos gets this almost every time he opens the door for Seledra.

Shower Scene – Magnos, during the first adventure, gets one.

Significant Green-Eyed Redhead – You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.

Silk Hiding Steel – Scholar Ling and Empress Sun Lian.

Sixth Ranger – Rizzen.

The Smart Guy – Magnos, though Ralenthra is no slouch in the brains department either.

So Proud of You – Seledra calls Magnos her champion while he is unconscious after rescuing Terro and Thalgard from the fire. She also embraces Rizzen and thanks him for helping the others rescue her, even thought he didn’t have to.

The Spymaster – Eaerlraun Shadowlyn, Master Harper of Moongleam Tower.

Squishy Wizard – Magnos, natch.

Star Crossed Lovers – Respen Nailo and Jeannie Starfallen.

The Strategist – Seledra. During the heist, Ralenthra takes over this role. Afterwards, Seledra and Magnos will have to co-strategize if they want to have any chance of winning this thing.

Supernatural Martial Arts – Scholar Ling, Mao Sai Fung, Kūkaku Shihōin, Aspa Talaviir.

Tagalong Kid – Maerwyn.

Taking You With Me – What happens when Rizzen won’t hand over little Tordrin to Seledra willingly in the Future That Must Not Come To Pass. Seledra had already lost everyone she cares about and is only sad that she won’t see Ralenthra or Magnos in the afterlife when she dies too.

Tall Dark And Snarky – Magnos, though on a bad day, he’s more Tall Dark and Whiny.

Teacher/Student Romance – Magnos’ Spellcasting Theorems instructor, Mistress Tantyssa Sortann, has an inappropriate fondness for him. It makes him extremely uncomfortable, though considering his proclivities, this may be more a matter of power differential than age.

Team Pet – Selune.

Teen Genius – Magnos began adventuring shortly after turning nineteen.

Ten Minute Retirement – Seledra took one of these after her Heroic BSOD. This led to the Heist.

This Is My Side – Seledra and Magnos in the tent on their first adventure. At first. Pretty soon they’re sharing a blanket. Not that that goes well…

Those Two Guys – Punch Rockgroin and Kili Wili. Also Griggs and Vasher.

Token Enemy Minority – A majority of the Order of the Dancing Goat is this: Ralenthra and Rizzen are Drow, Kronk is a half-orc, and Anaya is a Fey’ri.

Token Evil Teammate – Rizzen. OR IS HE.

Tomboy And Girly Girl – Isioleth and Seledra, respectively, in their childhood.

Trademark Favorite Food – Seledra’s is Cream Horns and Dim Sum, Ralenthra’s is Steak and Kidney Pie. Magnos’ is bacon.

The Trickster – Magnos.

Tsundere – Seledra is arguably a Type B. Ralenthra may be a Type A.

The Unfavourite – Seledra. Her father was always comparing her in his mind to the son he thought he lost. When he is reunited with his son, her status as this is jackhammered home.

Unlucky Childhood Friend – Ralenthra and Rizzen are as close to childhood sweethearts as you can get in drow society. After she fled Cormanthor, she moved on emotionally, but he didn’t.

Urine Trouble – What the overenthusiastic Rizzen uses as a weapon in their cell in the City of Shade.

Victoria’s Secret Compartment – Ralenthra often employs this in her work.

Vitriolic Best Buds – Magnos and Jonah can be this at times, especially under stress. Actually, combine Magnos with anyone on the team and you have this.

Voluntary Shapeshifting – As a druid, Seledra has this ability (Wild Shape) and she talked Methrammar into polymorphing her into Magnos so she could play a mahjong game in Shou Lung. Also, Anaya has mastered Polymorphing. She regularly disguises herself as a beautiful sun elf and during the heist aids others in polymorphing their way into the ball. Magnos’ first attempts with the polymorph spell ends up in hilarity. Ralenthra has a Hat of Disguise that allows her to do this. Also, many dragons have this ability. Tymofarrar the White often masquerades as a human so he can go into humanoid settlements in order to…eat pie.

Wangst – Ralenthra. Kronk can sometimes border on this, as can Anaya.

Was It All A Lie – Happens to Seledra twice. The first time, as she’s watching Magnos with the barmaid and realizing that her experience with him was not unique, was really her own fault, and she knew it. The second time, she was too devastated to confront him and that led to all sorts of trouble.

We Help The Helpless – Having been brought together “Usual Suspects” style by a Harper Chessmaster, this is the Order’s original intention for existing and is certainly Seledra’s vision once she takes the reins as leader.

Well Done Son Guy – Seledra and Rizzen both suffer from this to some degree. Magnos may harbor some of this in regards to his old master Fenris.

Well Excuse Me Princess – Seledra. Magnos has even said those exact words to her at least once. To be fair, he is very competent and gifted. It’s just that he can be a lazy, lecherous boor as well.

We Need a Distraction – In order for Seledra and Ralenthra to sneak up on the wererats who are spying on the party, they needed a distraction. Magnos (and a buxom barmaid) happily obliged.

What Beautiful Eyes – Ralenthra has rare, beautiful silver eyes. Isioleth has lovely violet eyes, as does Evindra.

White Haired Pretty Boy – Rizzen and Venye.

Wizarding School – The Lady’s College in Silverymoon.

Woman in Black – Ralenthra. Aspa might be a little too young to qualify.

The Woman Wearing The Queenly Mask – Seledra, after returning to the party. She knows there is no more room for her to make any mistakes. The tv tropes page sums it up best here: "So she has to make them follow her through cunning and the force of her personality, adhering to protocol and making it work for her. She has to dress perfectly, speak perfectly, be perfectly calm, never falter, never show “weakness”. She has to think of and counter every possible intrigue and strategy." Luckily, she doesn’t have to go it alone, and she’s learned from her mistakes.

The Woobie – Ralenthra. Anaya has potential to become this.

Wrong Guy First – Ralenthra hooked up with Rizzen frequently during her time in Cormanthor. She went on to fall in love with Tordrin. And then had a fling with Rizzen again. But she’s resolved to stick with Tordrin. Inverted for Seledra. She hooked up with Magnos first in what she believed to be a One Night Stand and then got into a committed relationship with Methrammar. Then she had a torrid affair with Minfidel Shimmerstone. Then she hooked up with Magnos a couple more times. Then she got amnesia, returned to Methrammar and got engaged to him. Finally, after getting her memory back, she left Methrammar for good.

You All Meet In An Inn – Averted and played straight. Seledra meets Ralenthra in an inn the night of the Greengrass Festival. Seledra (and Ralenthra) first meet Magnos about two weeks later at the Dancing Goat. A few days later, Seledra and Ralenthra meet Kronk at Everlund’s Friendly Dwarf Inn, where the half-orc is working as extra security for Sun & Moon. Anaya will be met by Magnos, also at the Dancing Goat. Basically, the only party member not met an an inn is Rizzen, but they didn’t all meet at the same time. When the original party is gathered all together for the first time, it’s in a prison wagon.

You Are Better Than You Think You Are – The gist of Thralia’s tough love lecture to Ralenthra while the latter is in prison for some petty burglary.

You Can Leave Your Hat On – There’s quite a lot of nudity going on in both Seledra and Ralenthra’s journals. And it’s not limited to their own.

You Should Have Died Instead – When Respen tries to kill Seledra by hitting her with shocking touch, he screams this at her.

Tropes Invoked

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