The Conclave of Silverymoon

The Conclave of Silverymoon is both university and recruiting ground for the skilled mages for which Silverymoon is famed. Created by the Lady Alustriel, it actually comprises several schools devoted to the teaching of all arts arcane: Arkhen’s Invocatorium for sorcerers, The House of the Harp (aka Fochlucan) for bards, and the Lady’s College for wizards.

Notable Students of Arkhen’s Invocatorium
p. Susan Drake

Eja Duril

Notable Student(s) of the House of the Harp
p. Selcar Galacia

Notable Students of the Lady’s College
p. Magnos of Rel Astra

Jonah Goodman

Kylie Moonbrooke

Terro Antkiller

Notable Alumni
p. Thralia Ma’freyja


Jaden Darkmoon

Notable Faculty
p. Aelthas Vihuel

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p. University Faculty and Staff

The Conclave of Silverymoon

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