Venye Talaviir

Half Drow. Half Moon Elf. All Badass.


Half-Drow, Half-Moon Elf Rogue 5/Assassin 7
Origin: Skullport (Waterdeep)

He worships Eilistraee. He is immune to all known poisons. You’ll be dead before you even know he’s there.


He is twin to Miri and agent of Tordrin Windweaver. If there is information to be had on anyone or anything, Venye can probably get it for you. Venye and Miri spent most of their adolescence on the run in Skullport, living hand-to-mouth. Venye did what he had to do to take care of his sister, and though he regrets his time as a hired assassin, he’d do it again if they were in the same circumstances.

While Miri received training from Qilue Veladorn in Skullport, Venye originally worked as a pickpocket and master thief before turning his talents in assassination into food and a roof over their heads at The Deepfires Inn in Skullport. He went on to become the most in-demand assassin in Skullport mainly because he didn’t take sides. His clients included Grimmbold the Gith, Kesra Tanor’Thal (de-facto matron mother of Skullport), The Dark Dagger, Lord Byronae Trilluach, Dalagor the Cold, Malakuth Tabuir, Rhaunaguth and Salagor of the Secrets. His associates included Ilyana Wyrmmuff, Vhondryl, Ysele the Cat and Irusyl Eraneth. He even ventured into Waterdeep proper, doing independent contract work for both the Shadow Thieves and the Red Sashes, as well as doing independent work and making the acquaintances of Thear Chessar and Juz’la.

In 1342, Eaerlraun Shadowlyn, then an ambitious young member of the Harpers, took notice of Venye and decided to recruit him by taking a contract out on his own life. Venye had made many enemies by indiscriminately taking contracts and not only was he in trouble, but he had put his sister in danger. Eaerlraun got them both out of Skullport and smoothed things over enough for Venye to be able to continue his work as a spy and thief, this time for the Harpers. Venye is very deep cover; he “handles security” for Sun & Moon but is not otherwise formally associated with the Harpers. To keep his contacts fresh and his instincts sharp, he still does freelance work for local thieves guilds in the Silver Marches (and keeps in touch with “old friends” in Waterdeep and Skullport).

Interesting fact: while working for the Shadow Thieves, he was gifted with a pair of slippers of shadowwalking by Alauneth “The Black Viper” Orrane, who is unfortunately in love with him and even more unfortunately, quite evil.

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Venye Talaviir

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