Tordrin Windweaver

He really likes Drow. Yes, in that way.


Moon Elf Ranger 12/Harper Agent 1


Origin: Evereska

Born: 1222

Worships Solonor Thelandira

Companion animal: Brown bear, “Qilue”.

He has long black hair that he usually keeps back in whatever way is most convenient, usually a simple ponytail, but sometimes with more elaborate braids, but it’s okay because he’s an elf.

He also has dark blue eyes. The better to look deep into your dark elf soul with.


Tordrin Windweaver was born in Evereska in the year 1222 the youngest of four siblings from a prominent wizarding family. Tordrin joined the Silver Swords and served with them for 25 years, still a member in good standing when he left to join the Harpers. He has now been a Harper for 25 years and personally recruited and trained Thralia Ma’freyja. He spent much of his service in the Silver Swords as an emissary to good-aligned surface drow, but has tangled more than once with Vhaeraun followers in Cormanthor.

He is currently and hopelessly “romantically entangled” with Ralenthra.

First Appearance

Tordrin Windweaver

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