Sun and Moon

A famous band of bards, founded in Waterdeep by Tordrin Windweaver and Thralia Ma’freyja in 1367, it doubles as a front for Harper activity and the members of the band, as well as their entourage, are all Harper agents. They have since achieved “celebrity” status in the North and the Silver Marches, and the fact that all members are Harpers is not a well-known one (Thralia is the only “out” Harper and this simply adds to the mystique). They are currently based in Silverymoon until further notice, playing an extended engagement at The Dancing Goat tavern.

Thralia and the other Harpers in Sun & Moon keep a journal here.


Current members:


Former members:

Thralia sings lead vocals while Tordrin and Jaden share the music and lyrics writing duty. Jaden, Falco, Cosmo, Taeghen and Miri are all original members of the band, with Meree Rivenstone acting as their business manager, handling bookings and stage effects while Venye Talaviir handles “security”. When Ariadne Naxos was added to the lineup in 1369, their popularity skyrocketed (not only due to her presence, but to the change in lyrical content written by Jaden) and they embarked on a three-year tour of Faerun and Kara-Tur before settling on an exclusive contract at the Dancing Goat in Silverymoon.

Sun and Moon

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