Baron Xhalth

Half-fiend member of the daemonfey and the nephew of Sarya Dlardrageth.




One of only two remaining members of the ancient house Dlardrageth (the other being his aunt, the Countess Sarya) to survive imprisonment in Hellgate Keep. He and his aunt escaped with the destruction of the Keep in 1369 DR.

At one point he hatched a plot to unseat his aunt and lead the organization himself, but after learning that she had killed her own son Ryvvik, he reconsidered.

While on a expedition with a small group of their forces through northern Faerun, Xhalth became aware of the existence of rogue fey’ri living in the Cormanthor woods. Seeking them out, his servants caught up to a family consisting of one sun elf male and two fey’ri women near Arkhen Falls and brought them to his encampment on the border of the Anauroch desert. The sun elf was immediately put to death, while the two fey’ri were offered the chance to join his cause. The elder of the two refused and was executed, while the younger was placed under enthrallment spell with the intent of bringing her back to Sarya for further evaluation.

The young fey’ri somehow escaped while out on a task from her masters, much to Xhalth’s disappointment. Sending his spies out after her, he continued his expedition before returning to convene with his aunt at their lair in the North and share what he had learned of changes in the world since they were originally imprisoned.

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Baron Xhalth

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