Xara Tantlor


Human Rogue 4/Abjurer 9
Origin: Silverymoon

Has an imp familiar named Villynk.


An energetic explorer of tombs and ruins in the North, Xara hungrily seeks new magic. She funds such hunts by casting spells for hire and selling potions. She enjoys the company of adventurers and seems quick to make friends, but Xara’s friendship is a passing thing – she views any friend as an ally of convenience to be used if useful, dropped if not or betrayed if it becomes profitable to do so.

Xara likes to hire bands of adventurers to check out sites that may or may not be promising, in order to build her knowledge of places she might want to attempt to plunder herself. She deals honestly enough with those she hires, but sometimes sends them into what she already knows to be deadly peril to see if a little more of the challenges or particular site might become known through a party’s strivings to escape. Naturally, she expresses “heartfelt” horror and sorrow to the survivors of any such expeditions.

Xara has sparkling, dancing green eyes and red-to-honey hair. When dealing with customers or adventurers she hopes to hire, she favors black corsets worn over plain purple, green or dark brown gowns. When she’s working, she likes to use alter self or polymorph self in conjunction with misdirection or nondetection, to completely change her appearance and conceal her identity.

She has a mysterious connection to Katri.

First Appearance

Xara Tantlor

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