Vilryn Ilphukiir


Drow Cleric of Vhaeraun 20
Origin: The Underdark


Vilryn Ilphukiir is one of the leaders of the Auskovyn Clan in Cormanthor. Although as a priest of Vhaeraun, he always had authority within the clan, it was in 1360 that he truly rose to prominence, when he massacred an enclave of Eilistraee worshipers operating in Cormanthor. He is said to have begun the attack by shooting down the enclave’s high priestess, Elvaeri Kil’ep, mid-song. His sister, Vasiira Ilphukiir, was later found among the dead worshipers. His daughter, Ralenthra, was also reported to be among the worshipers but went missing after the attack; she was not found among the casualties, nor did she ever return home. Vilryn publicly disowned his daughter and put a price on her head for treachery. Years later, he assigned his former slave, Rizzen, to seek out Ralenthra in the Silver Marches, where she was reported to be active, and return her to the clan.

First Appearance

Vilryn Ilphukiir

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