Vasiira Ilphukiir


Drow Cleric of Eilistraee, unknown level
Origin: The Underdark



Vasiira was a member of the Auskovyn clan since before they attempted to carve out a home on the surface world. She once wished to be a cleric of Vhaeraun, like her brother, Vilryn, but Vhaeraun’s clergy did not accept women at the time. When the clan migrated to the surface, Vasiira began receiving visions from Eilistraee, which grew more frequent when the clan moved from the High Forest to Cormanthor. Eventually, she heeded the call of the Dark Maiden, and carefully sought out others who might be of like mind.

After secretly gathering a group of women who wanted to convert to Eilistraee’s faith, Vasiira contacted the large Eilistraeean group that had settled in Skullport, asking for assistance. Help came in the form of a cleric, Elvaeri Kil’ep, who agreed to travel to Cormanthor to train the Auskovyn women. Under Elvaeri’s guidance, Vasiira became a cleric, herself, and her group grew in numbers for nearly forty years, attracting new members not only from the Auskovyn, but from House Jaelre and nearby parts of the Underdark. Vasiira was one of the group’s main recruiters, and even recruited her niece, Ralenthra. However, in 1360, Vilryn discovered the thriving enclave and led an attack on one of their rituals, killing nearly every member present. Vasiira died in the attack, possibly by her brother’s own hand.

First Appearance

Vasiira Ilphukiir

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