Unebrion (Lorien) Jr’ein


Fighter 7/Blackguard 8


Origin: The High Forest

Born: 1232

Worships nothing and follows no one.


Unebrion is a charismatic survivor who draws talented, black-hearted individuals to him like a magnet draws iron. The firstborn son of Celeborn Lorien and his wife Ariel Lorien, he was cursed with the dying breath of a drow war wizard with the surname of Jr’ein as Celeborn slew him during an attempt to raid Olostin’s Hold. Unebrion was, as the curse went, destined to go bad – he would murder kin and in turn be murdered by kin. Celeborn and Ariel were determined to defy the curse, but it was not to be. When he was 80 years old and practicing sparring with his younger cousin Caendun La’neral, he slew Caendun and was banished to the wilderness, never to be spoken of again in Celeborn’s presence.

Unebrion foraged, scavenged, stole and murdered his way out of the forest, out of his childhood and into adulthood. The ultimate opportunist, he pillaged Neverwinter as he marched under the banner of Aribeth the Betrayer…until he came face to face with his sister, Pandora Lorien-Gend. He yielded to her in combat, revealing his identity and struck a deal with her. He would fight alongside her and help her defeat Aribeth if she helped him get his lover Luce and her younger sister out of Neverwinter. After brother and sister defeated Aribeth, Unebrion slipped away and left Pandora to fight Morag with her companions.

Unebrion (Lorien) Jr’ein

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