Thralia Ma'freyja

Bard. Secret Agent. Rock Star.


Sun Elf Bard 8/Duelist 4/Harper Agent 1


Origin: Silverymoon

Worships Corellon Larethian.

She has copper-colored hair, green eyes and gold skin. She is tall for a female elf, about 5’7. She doesn’t talk about her weight in mixed company.

Just because she’s a bard, it doesn’t mean she won’t cut you with her rapier.


Thralia Ma’freyja is co-leader of a team of Harpers assigned to patrol the Silver Marches. Though born in Evermeet, her parents wanted to raise her amongst people of other races, so she was brought up in Silverymoon. It was in Silverymoon where she attended the Conclave and impressed the Harpers so much that they recruited her. She quickly rose up the ranks and within fifteen years, she was co-leading her own team of Harpers with the man that recruited her, Tordrin Windweaver. She also leads a band of bards named Sun & Moon.

Currently single, but interested in a young half-orc named Kronk who used to be in her employ. Her most hated enemy at this time is her cousin, Taeghen Sin’dorei, who is a member of the Eldreth Veluuthra, an elven extremist organization.

Her friendship with Seledra Nailo goes back before their time together at the Silverymoon Conclave. It has been hinted at that they “experimented” with each other during that time, but are only very good friends at the present.

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Thralia Ma'freyja

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