Taeghen Sin’dorei


Sun Elf Cleric 12
Origin: Evermeet Worships Corellon Larethian


Taeghen is the cousin of Thralia Ma’freyja (his father is her mother’s brother). Unlike his more tolerant cousin, he was brought up on Evermeet, where humans could only enter by special invite and half-elves were extremely rare. Well-to-do, educated, and devout, no one suspected anything was wrong with Taeghen, until he came to the Mainland of Faerun. He took an instant dislike to humans, and half-elves became a symbol to him of all that had gone wrong with elvenkind. Even as he was recruited to join the Harpers, he sought out others who felt as he did and met with them in secret. His new mentors, Respen Nailo and Laucien Ardulith, encouraged him to infiltrate the Harpers in order to feed them inside information.

Taeghen’s unrequited love for his cousin Thralia finally drove him mad. He dropped his cover and was drummed out of the Harpers. Now exiled, and shunned for his extremist beliefs, he plots his revenge…

First Appearance

Taeghen Sin’dorei

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