Susan Drake


Human Sorceress, unknown level

Origin: Waterdeep

Familiar: Grace, a bright-eyed raven that insults Magnos unceasingly. And supposedly everyone else except Susan.

Roommate: Trina, a dark-haired girl with a tired expression, likely from fielding messages from all of Susan’s social callers: Elwyn, Tobias, Hobie…


Susan is the daughter of the Guildmaster of Apothecaries and Physicians in Waterdeep, and she is currently a student of Arkhen’s Invocatorium. Unbeknownst to her, Selcar Galacia has been assigned to protect her in Silverymoon from potential attacks by her father’s enemies. Magnos of Rel Astra has been pursuing her romantically, as of Midsummer 1372.

First Appearance

Susan Drake

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