Seledra Naïlo

City Druid, friend to all living things and girly-girl. Seledra leads.


Seledra is by all accounts beautiful, but not without flaws. She is prone to revelry, meddling and losing her temper.

Name: Seledra Naïlo
Class: Druid
Alignment: Neutral good
Patron Deity: Mielikki, though she is quite polytheistic.
Race: Moon elf on her father’s side, Star elf on her mother’s side
Age: 120 (as of 1372)
Height: 5’ 0”
Weight: 100 lbs.
Hair: Dark Auburn
Eyes: Green
Skin: Pearlescent, with pinkish-violet tinges towards the tips of her ears and nose. Possesses a birthmark on her left hip, as well as a small, but visible scar on her bottom lip.
Familiar: Selûne, a wolf.

While she can wield a longsword with the best of them, she has been relying more on her spell-casting as of late. Lightning Storm is a particular favorite.


Seledra was born the only child of Respen Nailo and Evindra Starwind, a well-off couple in Silverymoon in the year 1252. Seledra’s parents wanted her to be a great elven wizard and paid for the best tutors, but Seledra often skipped her lessons in favor of spending time at Mielikki’s Glade under the gentle watch of Ladyservant Tathshandra Tyrar beginning at the tender age of 75. After 25 years of this nonsense, Respen and Evindra forced Seledra to begin attending the Lady’s College at the Silverymoon conclave, where she showed promise in all her studies, even in magic (though she was fascinated by religious studies – Faerunian Religions was her major), but was deeply unhappy and began to indulge in rebellious behavior. She was expelled from the Lady’s college after 2 years and was sent to a relative living deep in the High Forest, who happened to be an elven archdruid. There, Seledra trained as a druid for 18 years until recently making her way back home to Silverymoon to be in the government employ as a city druid, working with her old friend Tathshandra. She came back to Silverymoon much more focused and happy, though her parents are disappointed that she doesn’t have a more prestigious position. She acquired her wolf, Selûne, during a brief visit home. Upon visiting the Temple of Silver Stars, she was stopped by High Moonmistress Shalyssa Lurialar, who was holding a small wolf pup in her arms. The tiny creature seemed to have wandered into the temple alone and since she was so young, the priestess thought it best to hand her over to a druid for care instead of to the Silverymoon Zoo.

Currently, she is “engaged to be engaged” to High Marshall Methrammar Aerasumé, but she’s kind of really attracted to her party’s resident smart ass wizard, Magnos of Rel Astra. She’s a little wary, though, since her last affair with a human ended badly.

“Seeing two reasonably attractive elven women dancing together may have been the impetus for Magnos to hop up, although I may have beckoned to him in some way. Like with my fingers and tongue. I don’t remember for sure.”

“Of course, only a gifted seductress with a flawless memory could have gotten the necessary ‘nonexistent’ spells right out from under the noses of the supposedly celibate priests of Deneir at the Vault of the Sages without being able to write them down. I was put on probation.”

“I shuddered. It is a great boon to receive a vision from one’s Goddess. But it also means great responsibility. That, or I’ve gotta lay off the elven wine.”

Thralia: “I daresay you missed your calling in life.”
Seledra: “That I doubt. I may be able to sense trouble, but I sure have a hard time avoiding it.”

“Can anyone tell me; is there a better way to soothe the spirits of a frightened and distraught elf girl than for her to go shopping? That doesn’t involve alcohol? I try not to imbibe the elven wine before dusk, but then again it’s always dusk somewhere on Toril.”

“I’ve noticed that elven men take…ever…so…long to get to know a girl, and by that point, the girl in question has probably already bedded a human just to pass the time.”

Ralenthra: “Did you get him drunk and then drug him after you had mad, passionate -”
Seledra: “Listen, it was only the one time -“

“It is so much better when one doesn’t have to feel anymore.”

“I just told you, silly. I know people. I know an evil person from a good one. Or at least a not-evil one. You may be able to pull a fast one on me once in a while, but you can’t fool me when it comes to who you are inside. I know you think I’m too trusting…but I know how to tell whether I can trust someone or not. I also know when someone just needs somebody else to care about them.”

“Druidry is a spiritual practice that carries a lot of divine power, but it’s also a job.”

“I barely escaped with my life, let alone my bodice. So you little scamps better keep your minds on more wholesome subjects or people are going to start calling you Guttersmokes.”

“I freely admit that at that moment I was in no condition to be presented to the people of Silverymoon; dress torn, skin flushed, hair I had worked so hard to tame disheveled. I may have even broken a nail.”

Her best friend is Ralenthra.

Her journal is here.

Seledra Naïlo

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