Mao Sai Fung

Nowhere left to go but west...


Shou Human Kensei 16


Origin: Thesk

Born: 1346


Mao Sai Fung is the subject of “martial arts novels” being published out of Thesk, written by her sister, Mao Jiao Long, who is four years her junior. Recently recruited by Thralia Ma’freyja during Sun & Moon’s tour of Kara-Tur, she has accepted a position in her team after meeting her in a tavern high in the mountains of Tabot. First, she must put the affairs of her beloved dying grandfather in order and see to it that Mao Jiao Long takes over as Master of the Jun Fan School in Thesk. She plans to be in Silverymoon before the year 1372 is out.

Sai Fung began her adventuring career at the age of 18, fighting against the Nine Golden Swords gang in Telflamm and for justice for the people of Shou Town. She is also a renowned weapon smith. At the age of 26, she has gone from local legend in Telflamm to exile to thief and assassin to heroine of the Empire of Shou Lung. To what few people in Faerun who know about her, she is a legend, a myth.

Mao Sai Fung

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