Wait. How can I be the Sixth Ranger? I'm the only ranger. I don't get it.


Drow Ranger 9
“Chaotic Interesting”
Origin: The Underdark?


Rizzen was a young boy when he was enslaved by House Auskovyn after the “removal” of his house from history. At the time, he was quiet and ingratiating, but the harsh conditions of his surroundings quickly taught him that success in the drow world required a harsher attitude. He deeply adored and looked up to the slightly older Ralenthra and had the temerity to cry out, “No, it can’t be true!” when he learned of her disappearing in order to join the followers of Eilistraee. For this indiscretion, he was whipped and tortured nearly to death.

As an adult, he was assigned the task of bringing Ralenthra back to her clan, alive if possible. He confronted her outside the town of Stumpwood, but was forced to retreat upon the defeat of his squad.

Rizzen again encountered Ralenthra and her allies in the Anauroch desert, where a zombie plague forced them into an alliance of convenience, an alliance that continues to this day.

First Appearance


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