Distrutchukshun wai-ye o’ zings. Ebrrerythin endzz. Zis plaisse...no ezzeption.


Wild Elf Druid 5

Origin: The Moonwood

Born: 1272

Worships Silvanus in addition to the elven pantheon.

Companion animal: Gan-Lo (wolverine, deceased)

Rinya has black dread-locked hair, nut-brown skin, and black eyes. She decorates her hair with beads and feathers of black, white, red, and grey.


Rinya is the only survivor of a massacre carried out against her tribe through a joint effort by orcs and evil surface drow. Swearing revenge, she was corrupted by Shar, and very nearly corrupted the rest of Silverymoon by performing a forbidden ritual. The darkness within her bound for the time being, she is turned over to Seledra in the hope that she can be returned to the side of good and therefore have the strength to resist Shar in a final confrontation.


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