Respen Nailo


Moon Elf Evoker 20


Origin: Evermeet

Born: 1052

Worships Corellon Larethian.


Respen hadn’t always hated humans and half-elves…

Respen Nailo was the only child of a well-to-do moon elven family in Evermeet. He was trained as a mage, as many young elves are, but the idea of becoming a war mage on an island sanctuary where nothing ever happens, bored him. Nevertheless, he went through the motions, apprenticed himself at the Circle of Reilloch Domayr and waited. And waited. When his friend, Caedrus Starfallen, had a daughter, Jeannie, and was widowed, he took a keen interest in the girl’s development and was delighted when she began exhibiting sorcerous abilities.

Over time, he fell in love with her. But she was still too young, so he left Evermeet and became an adventurer, hoping to forget her. He met and became fast friends with a young human rogue named Annachie. Upon returning to Evermeet, he met Jeannie again and married her. Not wanting to give up the life of an adventurer and wanting to show Jeannie the world, he invited her along for the ride. Respen, Jeannie and Annachie adventured together for fifteen years, until Annachie seduced Jeannie and betrayed Respen and the rest of their adventuring party. Respen was the only one who survived a deadly trap set by Annachie. Annachie abandoned Jeannie when she found she was pregnant. She gave birth to Respen’s son Khiiral in 1232DR and died soon after.

It took fifteen years for Respen to catch up with Annachie in Icewind Dale and take his revenge. Plenty of time for his mistrust and new found hatred for humans and his disgust towards half-elves to poison his heart. Still an adventurer, he found himself aiding a star elf sorceress in the pocket dimension of Sildëyuir against an army of nilshai. His reward for helping to drive off the monsters was her hand in marriage. After his new wife Evindra gave birth to their only daughter, Seledra, he all but ignored the child, a useless girl uninterested in the arcane who only wanted to go outside and talk to animals and trees. Having made quite a fortune for himself, Respen retired, bought himself a gentry position in Silverymoon, made contacts with the Eldreth Veluuthra and bided his time until his walking disappointment of a daughter suddenly became useful to him…


Respen’s paternal aunt, Ysberyl Nailo, is the mother of Celeborn Lorien, who is the father of Pandora, Isendur and Isioleth.

Seledra Nailo’s father.

Respen Nailo

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