Plausible deniability is your friend.


Drow Rogue 9
Chaotic Goodish, sometimes. More often than not, lately. At least when Seledra gives her that look. You know that look.

Ralenthra prefers to stay out of the thick of battle and fire her crossbow from a safe distance, but she’s also handy with a rapier when the occasion calls for it, and her sap is useful for subduing enemies that the group doesn’t wish to kill.

Her patron deity is Eilistraee, though as a thief, Ralenthra stills tosses up the occasional prayer to Vhaeraun.

AKA Corael Sh’aneth, Dhavra Drii Upoth, Mayurra Aerynrae, and possibly others.

Age: 120 Height: 4’5” Weight: 90lbs
Hair: White Eyes: Silver Skin: Black
Abilities Combat Saves
STR 8 INT 17 HP: 62 Fort: 5
DEX 21 WIS 10 AC: 19 (19 flat-footed, 15 touch) Ref: 11
CON 14 CHA 14 Initiative: 9 Will: 3

Spell Resistance: 20

Base Attack Bonus: 6
Weapon Atk Bonus Damage Crit Type
Flaming Burst Lt. X-bow +12/+7 1d8+1/1d6 fire 19-20×2 piercing
Rapier +1 +12/+7 1d6 18-20×2 piercing
Mstwk Sap +6/+1 1d6 nonlethal 20×2 bludgeoning

Skills: Bluff 9, Diplomacy 12, Disable Device 17, Disguise 8, Escape Artist 17, Gather Information 10, Hide 13, Intimidate 7, Listen 12, Move Silently 15, Open Lock 23, Search 15, Sleight of Hand 17, Spot 12, Use Magic Device 8

Racial Abilities: Dancing Lights 1/day; Faerie Fire 1/day; Darkness 1/day; Darkvision 120ft.; Proficient w/Rapier, Short Sword, Hand X-Bow, Light X-Bow; Spell Resistance 11+level; +2 to Will vs. Spells/Spell-like Abilities

Class Abilities: Sneak Attack 5d6, Trapfinding, Evasion, Trap Sense +3, Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge

Feats: Daylight Adaptation, Weapon Finesse (rapier), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Improved Initiative

Languages: Common, Elven, Undercommon, Drow Sign, Goblin, Illuskan


Ralenthra, a drow of the Auskovyn clan, was born in the High Forest to Vilryn Ilphukiir and Haelice Despsek; she is their youngest child together. She was small and sickly, and her parents planned to kill her until a clan-mate convinced Vilryn to stay his hand, for unknown reasons. Shortly thereafter, Haelice, never fully committed to either life on the surface world or Vhaeraun’s faith, grew tired of the constant fighting against the Wood Elves still living in the High Forest, and she returned to the Underdark and Llolth, taking all but two of her children with her. The two children that remained were Ralenthra and a much older brother.


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