Pandora Lorien-Gend

The Forgotten Hero.


Mixed Elf Druid 20
Origin: The High Forest
Born: 1242


Pandora worships Mielikki and is the oldest surviving sibling of the Lorien family, or so she believes. When the Wailing Death hit Neverwinter, Pandora answered the call. She spent six months in Neverwinter Academy training in combat techniques and during that time, became close friends with Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande, paladin and Champion of Neverwinter, and Aribeth’s lover Fenthick Moss, a cleric of Tyr.

When Fenthick was killed by an angry mob for being associated with the man who had spread the plague, Desther, Pandora watched Aribeth slowly go mad. After the disappearance of Aribeth, Pandora began to work closely with Aarin Gend, Neverwinter’s Spymaster, to try to track down the cult responsible for the wailing death and to find Aribeth. As they worked together, they fell deeply in love.

When she finally found Aribeth, it was too late. Driven mad with grief, Aribeth had fallen into the service of Morag as a blackguard. During Aribeth’s siege on Neverwinter, Pandora discovered that her brother Unebrion was still alive. He fought alongside his sister (for his own reasons, of course) and helped her to defeat Morag’s army in Neverwinter. Eventually, Pandora had to defeat Aribeth in combat and she managed to persuade Aribeth to return to Lord Nasher to face judgment. However, when it became apparent that Nasher was not interested in mercy, Pandora became incensed. First she told him that he had learned nothing from the execution of Fenthick. Then she tried to blackmail him with information she had on him and Ophala of the Moonstone Mask. Finally, she attempted a daring rescue with the help of Tomi Undergallows, Daelan Red Tiger and Sharwyn. At the last minute, Aribeth stoically decided to face trial no matter what the outcome.

During Aribeth’s brief trial, Pandora attempted to defend Aribeth while she was tried for her crimes. Pandora was heavily outvoted, since the majority of Neverwinter called for Aribeth’s execution. Lord Nasher complied with the city’s request and as a result, what was left of Pandora’s friendship with Lord Nasher ended, and she left Neverwinter, vowing never again to return and taking Aarin with her. Because of Pandora’s falling out of favor with Lord Nasher, Nasher had revisionists play down her role in saving Toril from destruction.

First Appearance

Pandora Lorien-Gend

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