Nerilla (Rilla) Hollysharp


Lightfoot Halfling Ranger 8/Rogue 3
Origin: Delimbiyr Vale
Born: 1340

Her animal companion is a badger named Briga.

When she can’t avoid a fight, she prefers her halfling war sling


Rilla was born to a nomadic halfling clan in the Delimbiyr Vale. Though her family ranged from Secomber to Waterdeep to the southwestern edge of the High Forest, at the age of twenty, Rilla decided her family didn’t wander quite enough for her tastes, and she went off on her own. Over the next ten years, she lived in the High Forest, Neverwinter, Silverymoon, and nearly everywhere in between. She attracted the attention of the Harpers when she started carrying messages and information as she traveled; she has now been a Harper agent for six years and officially works out of Moongleam Tower. Despite her impending marriage to a halfling merchant in Everlund, she doesn’t appear ready to settle down any time soon.

First Appearance

Nerilla (Rilla) Hollysharp

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