Methrammar Aerasumé

What do you mean I'm not the center of your universe?


Half Elf Wizard 9/Fighter 7
Origin: Silverymoon


Currently the High Marshal of the Argent Legion, the army of the League of the Silver Marches. He leads 400 soldiers at Rauvinwatch Keep, about 15 miles west of Silverymoon, where a lot of time is spent training. Methrammar’s upbringing was one of high expectations because of the status of his mother. He showed skills with both magic and armed combat and it is the latter which allowed him to rise through the ranks of the Argent Legion.

Methrammar is soft-spoken and humble, honest and forthright. Although he would appear to be the ideal candidate for a paladin, he favors no specific deity, and dedicates himself to Silverymoon instead. Methrammar is fond of his pseudodragon familiar named Beau and usually protects it with magic. It occasionally behaves unexpectedly however. Beau wears a +2 ring of protection. Methrammar is the son of Alustriel Silverhand and has a half-brother (through their father) named Tyresia, with whom he was very close. It has been foreseen that he will someday become High Lord of the Silver Marches as well as the ruler of Silverymoon.

First Appearance

Methrammar Aerasumé

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