Meree Rivenstone


Rock Gnome Sorcerer 12


Origin: Waterdeep


Meree worships the Gnome chief deity Garl Glittergold. Companion Animal: “Hensu”, a tressym (winged cat native to Cormyr), whom she uses in her work as a member of The Powerful and Mysterious Congregation of the Moon, Stars and Sky. Even her husband Cosmo (whom she married in 1357) doesn’t know about her involvement in the demon hunting gnomish organization, but as with almost everyone else on the team, Venye has got her number. Meree grew up in the richest and most powerful gnomish family in all of Waterdeep, with her mother presiding in her 10th term as Guildmistress of the Most Excellent Order of Weavers and Dyers and her father a high ranking official in the Jeweler’s Guild. While acting as manager for Sun & Moon, Meree also arranges magical stage effects for their performances while remaining ever vigilant against dark magic users.

First Appearance

Meree Rivenstone

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