Kylie Moonbrooke

Fellow resident of Magnos's at the Farm. Cute, dark-haired, with a generally more-together persona than her cohorts. Also has a cool yet-to-be-seen-or-named boyfriend.


Wizard (specialization as yet undetermined, though leaning toward Illusionist or Conjurer: the former because it may come in handy during Heist plotting and the latter because I love the idea of someone trying to intimidate a cute elven girl, and then she conjures some imposing flame elemental in response.)

Forbidden school: Divination, ?


Magnos’s friend.

First Appearance

Magnos notes that she waited three months before responding to his greetings. She explains that this was partially due to the elven saying regarding friendships: “Breg tuiyo, breg narcho,” meaning “Quickly grown, quickly torn” and “because it was amusing to see you with that disappointed look on your face.”

Kylie Moonbrooke

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