Kūkaku Shihōin

Gilles Brightblade's bodyguard... and more


Kozakuran, Monk 10/Rogue 5


From the Kozakura archipelago several hundred miles east of Shou Lung and south of Koryo.

She is Gilles’ presumptive bodyguard as he is rarely seen in public without her of late. She has her own agenda, however- one that piqued the Harpers’ suspicions, leading to a (brutally) failed arrest attempt.

She is in possession of a duraph token given to her by Gilles, to permit her access to his personal office within the Vault of the Sages.

Anaya’s description of her:

“She was on the petite side, with jet-black hair that was cut short in a pixie-ish fashion, only with two long strands that were wrapped in white fabric. Her skin was fair, with just a hint of a brassy color where it was tanned. Her attire was unusual for a Silveraen- it consisted of a pair of loosely-flowing dark gray hakama pants with what appeared to be tightly wrapped black fabric beneath. Her top was a back-less and shoulder-less white vest, one side tucked under the other in front and held in place by a wide blue sash which wrapped around her waist. The ends of the sash tied off and flowed behind her in the breeze. Her forearms were wrapped tightly up past her elbows with what looked like some form of stiff black fabric cut in long strips.
Even from my current position, I could discern the muscle tone of her back which flexed as she walked. She carried no weapons of any kind that I could see but a simple wooden staff.”

Kūkaku Shihōin

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