Khiiral Starfallen


Half Moon Elf, Half Sun Elf Evoker 12


Origin: Evermeet

Born: 1247


Khiiral was brought up by the sun elf relatives of his half-elven mother Jeannie in Evermeet until he was of age and by coincidence, attended the Lady’s College at the same time as his half-sister Seledra, though they never met. He had a brief affair with her friend Thralia Ma’freyja while there and also is the creator of the Potion of Forgetfulness that Seledra stole upon her expulsion. After graduating from the Conclave, he returned to Evermeet, where he served as a war wizard for 15 years. He went back to Silverymoon and joined the Spellguard, where he held the rank of First Lieutenant at the time of his father, Respen Nailo’s death. As Respen is on his deathbed, Khiiral reveals himself and usurps their father’s last moments from Seledra. He inherits Respen’s estate upon his death and Seledra is cut out of the will.

Khiiral Starfallen

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