Jonah Goodman

Easy now. You don't want another taste of the fury.


Specialization school: Abjuration
Prohibited schools: Conjuration, Necromancy


Jonah Goodman has been Magnos’s (mostly) inseparable best friend since the two met at the Lady’s College as youths. His conscientiousness in his work habits helps him excel in his magical studies, while—according to his instructors—his loyalty to Magnos has been less helpful to his academic career. Nonetheless, he has thus far managed to balance the demands of work and play.

He shares a room with Magnos at The Farm, a boarding house for students at the Lady’s College, run by a landlord named Mr. Furley.

He specializes in the abjuration school, which has been the source of much derision from Magnos.

His familiar is a highly intelligent and mischievous ferret named Scamp.

First Appearance

Jonah Goodman

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