Jing Meng Jian

The Tea Master


Jing Meng Jian is a prodigy.

His earliest memories consist of being cared for by his grandparents on his mother’s side while his parents worked to earn enough to take the young family west to the Silver Marches. Surrounded by tea of all kinds, he grew up learning everything he could about it, and by the time his family moved to Silverymoon when he was twelve, he had become the youngest Tea Master in Thesk.

With this status came expectations. Jian’s parents hope for him to open his own teahouse when he comes of age. His singular genius drew assumptions that he would excel in every other area as well, so he was encouraged to study an instrument at Utramm’s Conservatory (where he learned to play the longhorn), but has thus far been thwarted in his attempts to enroll at the Lady’s College because his family did not want him “mixed up” in magic.

In Uktar of 1371, Jian met Canna, the newly-arrived daughter of Jasper, the owner of the Dancing Goat. She took an interest in his great passion and became a sort of apprentice to him. The girl was a natural, and over time the boy fell head over heels in love with the pretty and sweet girl. Unfortunately, his parents have other plans for his love life, and have begun to discuss the prospect of an arranged marriage for their oldest son, even as he courts Canna in secret.

The Jings have four children; two boys and two girls. They are ordered: oldest daughter, oldest son, youngest daughter, youngest son. The oldest daughter, Mei Bao (age 20), is a master chef and already married. Meng Jian is, at 17, the eldest son. The younger daughter, Mei Xiang (age 13), is showing herself to be a talented musician and plays the zither. The youngest son, Meng Wu, is 8 and is very keen on fighting.

Jing Meng Jian

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