Jeannie Starfallen

The one you won't soon forget...


Half Sun Elf Sorceress 10
Origin: Evermeet
Born: 1222


After her human mother died in childbirth, Jeannie’s father, Caedrus Starfallen, raised her among the elves in Evermeet. As a child, Jeannie was implicitly aware that a human’s life is a fleeting thing compared to an elf’s, but it didn’t stop her from falling in love with the moon elf wizard Respen Nailo anyway. Respen was middle-aged by this time (the same age as her father), but Jeannie made him see the world as fresh as morning dew again. Impressed by her sorcerous abilities, he asked her to join his adventuring party, which also included his best friend, a human rogue named Annachie.

Jeannie’s experience with humans was limited and she admired Annachie’s lust for life that most elves lacked. When Annachie seduced her, she was torn between the love she still had for her husband and the ability to grow old with someone. Annachie robbed Respen of much of their accumulated fortune and convinced Jeannie that Respen’s feelings for her were nothing but detached amusement, getting her to run away with him. When it turned out that she was pregnant, Annachie abandoned her. Frightened that her husband would never forgive her betrayal, Jeannie went home to her father Caedrus, gave birth to Respen’s son Khiiral, and like her mother before her, died soon after.

Jeannie Starfallen

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