Jaden Darkmoon

You went looking for trouble, and boy - you found him.


Half Elf Bard 7/Shadow Adept 5


Origin: Aglarond

Born: 1347

He worships Selune. His familiar is Sirius, a juvenile faerie dragon.


Jaden is the orphaned son of half elven adventurers Astra Darkmoon and Priadan Ineskadel, who died while on a quest in the Yuirwood. Sirius, his father’s familiar, delivered the infant to a half-elf fish merchant family in Velprintalar, the Aglarondan capital. It is from them that he learned of the goddess Selune. While he is clever and charismatic, it is without a doubt that he engages in risky behavior. For instance, he is a devout follower of Selune, but prefers the use of the Shadow Weave to Mystra’s weave, due to the irony of using Shar’s own power against her and because, well, it has the element of surprise, as there are much fewer shadow weave users than weave users.

Jaden writes many of the lyrics for Sun & Moon with Tordrin, most of the pining ballads for his love, Ariadne Naxos, the beautiful air genasi from Calimshan. Though he says he was sent west to Silverymoon to attend the Lady’s College, the truth is that his adoptive family kicked him out in 1362 after they discovered him tapping into the Shadow Weave. He was discovered busking a year later in Velprintalar by Thralia and recruited pretty much on the spot, being gradually introduced into the Harper organization after she personally paid for his education at Fochlucan in Silverymoon (he matriculated in 1366), where he usually went around making people nervous.

Jaden tends to drink in increasing amounts in the effort to deal with the pressure of being a Shadow Weave user. It is starting to wear on him. Falco is his best friend, confidante and drinking partner. What he is unaware of is why he is adept at shadow magic. His birth mother, Astra Darkmoon, was a cleric of Shar, while his father was a sorcerer who followed Selune. Jaden was a result of their forbidden love that led to members of both clergies tracking them down and killing them after Jaden was secreted away by Priadan’s familiar, Sirius, who would go on to become his familiar.

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Jaden Darkmoon

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