Isioleth Lorien

Archer. Devil-Killer. Planes-Walker. Heart-Seeker. Death was just the beginning.


Moon Elf Wizard 1/Fighter 7/Arcane Archer 8
Origin: The High Forest
Born: 1252

Isioleth worships Sune and has a raccoon familiar named Uno.


She is fraternal twin to Isendur and youngest of Pandora’s siblings. Cocky and spirited, Isioleth is the only one of her siblings with any faith in their brother Unebrion. She also believes he is still alive after being banished at such an early age. After the defeat of the mage Herodis in Underentide, she and her brother Isendur escaped into the Plane of Shadow, where she picked up an item she called “The Relic of the Reaper”, which allowed her to planeshift. Unfortunately, it was a piece of the flesh of the devil Mephistopheles, ruler of Cania. When the Valsharess and her forces are duped by the Archdevil into taking Halaster Blackcloak prisoner and attacking Waterdeep, it is Isioleth who ultimately answered the call, venturing into Undermountain, the Underdark and finally into the Hells themselves before defeating him.

First Appearance

Isioleth Lorien

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