Gilles Brightblade

Anaya's mortal enemy. Maybe.


Human Calishite, Wizard 8/Lor 6
Age: 41
Deeply tanned skin, salt and pepper hair. Dark eyes


Anaya’s description:

“He had what I considered a typical Calishite appearance- deeply bronzed skin; dark hair and eyes; not tall or large at all, but still built well in the shoulders and legs. There was a slight dusting of gray in his thick hair which indicated he was at least past middle age for a human.”

Instructor at the Lady’s College, Conclave of Silverymoon. Frequently at the Vault of the Sages for historical research. Author of The History of Hellgate Keep, and Of Outsiders and Other Planetouched Races: Covering Tieflings, Aasimar, Genasi, and Fey’ri.

Gilles is a historian in the art of conjuration and the relationship magic-users have with the planes via the Weave.

He’s taken a particular interest in the intermingling of outsiders and native races of Faerun. Tieflings, aasimar, genasi, fey’ri. With the destruction of Hellgate Keep and rumors of daemonfey once again stalking the lands of the Silver Marches, Gilles has started researching into the history of house Dlardrageth. His research got the attention of the Harpers in Silverymoon, who were already keenly aware of the activities of the daemonfey. Enlisting his aid as a researcher, they came to him frequently for clues as to possible boltholes house Dlardrageth might still have in the north, or other long-forgotten hideouts they might be able to make use of.

HIs Harper contacts keep him updated on what’s going on outside Silverymoon.

When he got word of a possible fey’ri masquerading as a sun elf on the Dragon Coast, he started focusing more on locating her. His spies eventually informed him she and her moon elf companion had been spotted in Waterdeep.

Uncertain of her allegiances, but assuming nefarious intent, he hired a band of Skullport thugs to kidnap the girl. Unfortunately they kidnapped the wrong sorceress. When he realized the mistake, he decided to keep the moon elf in the hopes of drawing out her fey’ri companion. His plans had to be put on hold as an urgent summons from the college insisted upon his return. Apparently his extra-curricular studies had not gone unnoticed and his frequent absence from his duties had earned him a reprimand from his superiors.

It wasn’t long after that he learned of the disaster in Skullport wherein his contract associates panicked and killed their moon elf captive, drawing the wrath of his fey’ri target.

Uncertain if she learned of his involvement or not, he’s been rather paranoid of late about whether she might show up looking for revenge. When not teaching his courses, he spends most of his time in the Vault of the Sages, using it’s protective Vaelun ward conditions to his advantage.

Gilles Brightblade

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