Falco Fadenheim


Gold Dwarf Bard 1 / Fighter 9 / Divine Champion 2 of Sharindlar


Origin: Eastern Shaar


Worships Sharindlar. Falco was a child of the Thunder Blessing of 1306 DR and has an identical twin brother, Finbar, called “Fin” for short. Though he showed an early talent for music as a child, he was trained as a fighter and is a veteran of the war against the Army of Steel. He fought the grey dwarves in the Cloven Mountains while he was still in his thirties, until his mid forties. Falco was arranged to be married to a woman with a good family and was about to be promoted to the Peacehammers Skyguard when it was discovered that Falco had a preference for males, elven males to be precise. This, to the even stricter gold dwarves of Underhome was unacceptable. Falco was banished. Fin took his place, both as groom and as a member of the Peacehammers. For a few years, Falco traveled, eventually spending time in both Thesk and as far west as Mithral Hall before Tordrin found him and recruited him. Today, Falco sings basso profundo and plays percussion for Sun & Moon and is in a happy, stable relationship with Venye Talaviir.

First Appearance

Falco Fadenheim

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