Evindra Starwind

There is no tie stronger than blood ties...


Star Elf Sorcerer 20
Origin: Sildëyuir
Born: 852

Worships Corellon Larethian.


A gifted, but seemingly unmarriable young sorceress from a noble star elf family, Evindra’s hand in marriage was awarded to the wizard adventurer Respen Nailo when he found his way into the demiplanar realm of Sildëyuir and helped the star elves of her citadel to defeat an army of nilshai (with her aid) in the year 1250 DR. Two years later, she gave birth to her only child, their daughter Seledra, in the city of Silverymoon. Unaccustomed to living with humans, much less dwarves, gnomes, Halflings and half-orcs and bitter at being forbidden to use her magic outside of the house Respen bought as her cage, Evindra took to drink and has irrevocably altered at least one person’s life in a fit of rage.

Trapped in a loveless marriage to a man who never got over his dead first wife, Evindra longs to go back east to her people, but she must be certain that Seledra is adequately taken care of first. After she attacked Aelthas Vihuel, she was given a 20 year sentence of house arrest, though minor excursions with her daughter or husband are tolerated. When Seledra confides that she will break off her relationship with Methrammar Aerasumé because of conflicting feelings for the human mage Magnos of Rel Astra, Respen decides to kill his daughter, as she has upset his plans for a coup at the hands of the Eldreth Veluuthra. Evindra defeats Respen in a mage’s duel and then, while he is incapacitated, begins poisoning him as she is “nursing him back to health”. He eventually dies from the sickness and she returns to Sildëyuir, leaving Seledra and Khiiral to pick up the pieces.

Evindra has red hair, fair, almost translucent skin and violet eyes with flecks of gold.

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Evindra Starwind

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