Erdri Windweaver

Wizard. Businesswoman. Prankster. She's more like a really tall gnome than an elf.


Moon Elf Wizard 10
Origin: Evereska
Born: 1212

Has a raven familiar called Veles.

She has bluish-black hair and bright blue eyes.


Erdri Windweaver is third child and only daughter of a prominent wizarding family of Evereska. She is the older sister of Tordrin. Though she enjoyed and excelled at her magical studies, she felt her parents’ ideas of how an Elven (and particularly an Evereskan) woman should comport herself were antiquated, and not long after reaching adulthood, she forged out on her own. She eventually settled in Baldur’s Gate, where she still lives today. She and her gnomish business partner create magical security devices.

She has a definite family resemblance with Tordrin, though her hair is curly instead of straight. She once had to cut her hair short after a minor incident with an experimental fire spell and has kept it that way ever since.

She and Tordrin are the closest in age of their siblings and have a very deep bond. She loves to tease and play pranks and believes humor is often the best way to defuse a tense situation. Though it may seem like she doesn’t take much seriously, she is keenly observant and usually knows when her humor will be inappropriate.

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Erdri Windweaver

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