Eaerlraun Shadowlyn


Half Elf Ranger 16 of Mielikki


Origin: Waterdeep


Eaerlraun is the current Moonmaster of Moongleam Tower, one of the foremost Harper holds of the North in Everlund. He discovered and recruited the Talaviirs into the Harpers while he was still a young operative based out of Harper’s Hold in the Citadel of the Bloody Hand. Though currently based in Everlund, he is taking an interest in helping to build more Harper cells in Silverymoon, in the hopes a hold can be built there as well.

Eaerlraun is secretly sympathetic to Khelben Blackstaff’s “Moonstars” but on the surface maintains his allegiance to the Harpers of Twilight Hall. Should the High Harpers discover his loyalties and make an issue of them, Eaerlraun might break with the order altogether and take control of Moongleam Tower with him. It is Eaerlraun, faced with a Harper force stretched too thin across the Silver Marches, who orchestrates the formation of the Order of the Dancing Goat as a way to replenish the ranks and to possibly recruit them as double agents to his force of Moonstar operatives should he choose to.

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Eaerlraun Shadowlyn

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