Cosmo Rivenstone


Rock Gnome Cleric 7/Techsmith 5


Origin: Lantan


He worships Gond. Has a Gondsman (automaton), “Kang” (see Kang) and is, oddly enough, married to Meree Rivenstone, a sorceress. Magic, especially sorcery, is heavily looked down upon in Lantan, and Cosmo was disowned by most of his family when he announced he would marry her. His older brother, Kang, was the only one who stood by him, but as he made his way to the wedding in Calimport, his ship was set upon by Chultan pirates and Kang was not heard from again. Soon after Cosmo and Meree’s wedding, Cosmo began working on what he considers to be his greatest creation, his Gondsman. They lived quite happily in Waterdeep until Tordrin recruited them in 1365 (just before the Moonstars attempted to do so).

First Appearance

Cosmo Rivenstone

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