Aspa Orrane

She wants to be just like her daddy...


Half Drow Monk 5 / Rogue 3 / Assassin 2


Origin: Baldur’s Gate

Born: 1357


Born with the intent of creating the perfect thief, Aspa Orrane was left by her mother Alauneth to be raised by various guildmembers of the Shadow Thieves in Baldur’s Gate.

Now and again, Alauneth wrote letters to Aspa, but she never visited. In the letters, Aspa learned of her father, the master assassin Venye Talaviir. Unfortunately, Alauneth was less than truthful about how Aspa was conceived and the girl now thinks her father is a monster who needs to die.

The thieves raised Aspa well. As did the resident monks of the Order of the Dark Moon. Aspa was already naturally gifted, and she took easily to training.

She was so good, that when she got it into her mind that she wanted to “meet” her father, there was nothing the guild could do to stop her. She was gone from Baldur’s Gate before the thieves even noticed she’d left her bed.

So, Aspa rides towards Silverymoon, towards her father, and maybe towards the family she always needed.

Aspa Orrane

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