Ariadne Naxos


Air Genasi Cleric 5/ Sorcerer 5/Windwalker 2


Origin: Calimshan

Born: 1349


Ariadne worships Shaundakul and has a hawk familiar, “Nasim”. Ariadne began life as a slave in Calimport. Her mother, Semele, had fled her homeland of Mulhorand after her affair with an air elemental bound in servitude to her husband, a powerful wizard named Ptolemy, was discovered. Ariadne was born when they finally arrived in Calimport and the caravan trip across Faerun had exhausted the funds Semele had stolen from her husband. Immediately, it was quite evident that the bound air elemental was indeed Ariadne’s father and as such, she would fetch quite a price on the slave market, and both mother and daughter were put up for sale by the caravanners.

Semele and Ariadne were sold to the wealthy Sultan of the Emerald Ward, the syl-pasha’s brother, Nasim the Elder. Semele soon became the Sultan’s favorite jhasina and Ariadne was harem-trained herself beginning at the tender age of eight. It was also around that time when she discovered that she had sorcerous powers. Ariadne grew close to her “stepbrother” Nasim yn Nasim el Pesarkhal (otherwise known as Nasim the Younger), and as they grew older, their bond blossomed into young love. Their affair was discovered when Ariadne was fifteen and she was cast out. Her mother arranged for her to be inducted as a priestess to the brand new Temple of Shaundakul on The Wind Riders Way in the Caravan’s Ward, built by her stepfather. She had served there for five years when she was discovered by Meree Rivenstone and recruited by Tordrin Windweaver in 1369.

First Appearance

Ariadne Naxos

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