Anaya Morningstar

New to the Silver Marches and Silverymoon, she's got a bone to pick with a few people...


Origin: Cormanthor

Born: 7 Kythorn, 1246

Father: Talin Aelorothi

Mother: Sinara

Feats: Toughness, Spell Penetration, Combat Casting,

Special Abilities: Alter self at will and for as long as desired, immunity to sleep spells and effects, immune to humanoid-affecting spells (charm person, dominate person), +2 bonus on will saves against enchantment, fire resistance 10, +2 bonus on electrical saves, +2 bonus on poison saves, darkvision 60ft, Low-light vision = 2x human. Can distinguish color and detail, can create/use elven items
She can fly :)

Languages: Common, elven, abyssal, draconic, drow, orc

Familiar: Shade- male cat with gray fur


Background: Daughter to a sun elf wizard and a fey’ri ranger, Anaya grew up in the vicinity of the Dalelands and Cormanthor woods. In 1369, Her parents were murdered by Baron Xhalth, nephew of Countess Sarya of House Dlardrageth when they attempted to escape the reach of her daemonfey cousins.

Rescued from enthralled service to the Baron by a moon elf sorceress, Kessa Valarion, the two made their way to the west and spent the intervening years exploring the Sword Coast before finally coming to Waterdeep for an extended stay of several months. On 16 Uktar, 1372, Kessa was kidnapped by a group of Skullport thugs under the direction of a wizard named Gilles Brightblade. When Brightblade had to leave Waterdeep to attend to urgent matters elsewhere, his associates panicked and murdered Kessa.

Anaya was finally able to catch up to the group shortly thereafter, killing those she found in their Skullport hideout and learning the name of the man responsible.

General info: Slim in stature, but with suggestive curves, Anaya hides her true identity behind a mask of illusion wherever she goes, presenting the appearance of a young sun elf maiden in the bloom of youth. Her hair is the color of the summer sun- tumbling around her shoulders in curly locks, while her eyes pierce the viewer with their liquid amber color. Her lips have a dark purplish stain to them, and are rounded and full. She exudes a strange preternatural warmth that is both alluring and disquieting. Her beauty is countered, however, by her distant and oftentimes prickly nature- as she rarely seeks any companionship for more than a few hours at a time.

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Anaya Morningstar

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