Aarin Gend


Human Rogue 15/Fighter 5
Origin: Chult
Born: 1332


Up until recently, Gend was Spymaster for Lord Nasher of Neverwinter. He is also a former slave. He was actually a prisoner, serving his sentence as a dutiful employee to Neverwinter when he met Pandora, who worked closely with him before going on to save Neverwinter. His arrest was brought about from his association with a group of vicious pirates. Aarin Gend is reputed to be a reluctant murderer; he avenged his mother’s death and killed his former master, yes, but he feels ashamed of that act. He was rewarded for his ten years of loyal service to Neverwinter with his freedom and a referral to Lady Alustriel. He is currently employed as Spymaster for the new country of Luiren. It is rumored that he may have been the last person to see Kang Rivenstone alive as he was once Captain of the Chultan pirate ship Revenge.

Married to the Hero of Neverwinter, Pandora Lorien.

First Appearance

Aarin Gend

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